January 30, 2018

NFL uses Medal Winners to Cover for Protesters at Super Bowl

Timothy Birdnow

The National Football League continues to flounder over the "take a knee to protest America" displays. Now, having insulted the entire nation and our armed forces and refusing to accept a "stand for America" commercial at the stupor bowl, they are promoting Congressional Medal of Honor winners as the coin tossers in the latest matchupp.

I didn't even know there was a Super Bowl this year. Yawn.

The essay at the Patriot Post says it all:

"While the NFL likes to claim it is seeking to remain politically neutral, in recent years it has allowed numerous commercials that have clearly expressed a political message. As Philip H. Devoe of National Review points out regarding last year’s Super Bowl ads, "Instead of avoiding political statements, the NFL seemed to be begging for them. First, there was the Budweiser ad, released days after President Donald Trump announced the travel ban, which told the story of the struggle the company’s immigrant founder faced to come to America. Then came the AirBnb ad, titled ‘We Accept,’ which contained the line, ‘we believe no matter who you are, where you’re from, who you love, or who you worship, we all belong.’ Finally, there was an Audi commercial … depicting a father wondering how he can tell his daughter that the world doesn’t value her as much as it values men.”

End excerpt.

And indeed I have argued this is not something outside of League control but is a strategy based on a number of things. They fear the concussion business, for instance, and want to appease their enemies in this regard to avoid regulatory efforts. But there's more; they have been moving to the left even before the concussion business came up, and that because they want to appease Big Government and to appeal to what they think is the future demographic. They figure old white guys are on the way out and it's time to support blacks and hispanics. And to these rich old white guys blacks and hispanics are appealed to by promoting radicalism.

I won't be watching. It will be the thug Philadelphia Eagles v. the cheating and omnipresent New England (spit) Patriots. Once again two major television markets with the support of the League will be playing for a title that I couldn't care less abotu at this moment.

It's a shame the Medal winners are being used this way; I won't be watching.

Go Blues!

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