December 28, 2018

New Idiotic Illinois Laws and Agenda 21 for the New Year

Timothy Birdnow

Twenty eighteen is coming to a close, and so naturally the Illinois state legislature has passed a boatload of new laws, most of which are inane or idiotic, while the debt bomb inexorably ticks down to zero.

Here are a few of my favorites from the Loonies from the Land of Lincoln:

"Family members or police may ask a judge to order a person’s firearms be taken away temporarily if they believe the person is a threat.

The Lethal Violence Order of Protection Act, created a process where a family member who recognizes signs of potential violence in another family member can ask a court can have firearms temporarily taken away."

Gee, I didn't see that in the Second Amendment, that the right to keep and bear arms may be infringed by pure accusation.

But wait, there's more:

Also, when buying firearm in the state, a person will have to wait 72-hours before completing the purchase. Previously when people were buying long guns such as shot guns or rifles, they only had to wait 24 hours. Handguns already had 72-hour waiting period.

End excerpt.

Don't recall seeing that either. I guess the Continental Army had to wait for their weapons before going into battle with Cornwallis or whatnot.

And we know how well those waiting periods work. Law and order is so rampant in Chicago, or in L.A., or New York...

These little dopes on the prairie don't seem to realize that few of the shooting in Chicago are with registered firearms. I suppose they think the criminals wait for their guns like the rest of us.

Moving on to the next important piece of legislation, the state of Illinois will now allow gay hunters to make a fashion statement, permitting them to wear pink. Yes, Orange may be the new black, but pink is the new camo color for hunters.

Of course, no legislative session is complete without a nod to the estrogen-fueled #metoo crowd, at consumer expense, of course. From the article:

Companies that want to do business with state government, or companies in the EDGE tax credit program, need to have policies on how they address sexual harassment complaints.

End excerpt.

The brilliant minds in Springfield have also promoted neutering of language, making words such as "chairman" or "committeeman" verboten. This was a pressing need, one that is well worth the time and treasure of the good people of Illinois.

They also are requiring black history in colleges, have demanded a longer oath of office for school boards (why is it that liberals can't do anything with brevity" If they were writing the Constitution it would be 2500 pages like the E.U. constitution.), and a host of other inane, freedom strangling laws.

But my favorite is the "Dutch Reach".

In an effort to promote U.N. Agenda 21, which calls for more bicycles and fewer cars, the Illinoisans made an ill noise, imposing the "Dutch Reach" on student drivers. If they fail to employ it they don't get to drive.

What is the "Dutch Reach" you ask? Well:

The Dutch Reach technique requires a driver to not rely on mirrors and to twist his body around to see whether someone is coming from behind the car by reaching his hand farthest from the outside across his body to open the door, with his right hand instead of left.

This way of opening the door is called the Dutch Reach. It may sound "dirty,” but it gets its name from the Netherlands where the technique is taught in order to prevent motorists from hitting cyclists with their doors by having people keep an eye out for cyclists who may be riding from behind.

End excerpt.

If a bicyclist is close enough to hit the door he's too damned close, if you ask me, and gets what is coming to him. Why is it the motorists job to avoid an idiot on two wheels hitting his door?

But this comes from Holland, and we know what a great superpower the dope smoking dutch have become, largely because of rules like this.

This is your tax dollars at work, Illinois!

Again, this is clearly an attempt to codify U.N. Agenda 21 into American law. Eliminating private automobiles, restricting housing space (they want people living in three to four hundred square feet), having large swaths of green space where streets now exist, promoting mass transit and bicycling are all part of Agenda 21. The "Dutch Reach" helps push this by giving superior rights to bicyclists. Here is a primer on the basic plan.

Here is a few quotes from the actual U.N. document:

Promoting efficient and environmentally sound urban transport systems in all countries should be a comprehensive approach to urban-transport planning and management. To this end, all countries should:
a. Integrate land-use and transportation planning to encourage development patterns that reduce transport demand;
b. Adopt urban-transport programmes favouring high-occupancy public transport in countries, as appropriate;
c. Encourage non-motorized modes of transport by providing safe cycleways and footways in urban and suburban centres in countries, as appropriate;

End excerpt.

So Illinois has simply adopted another tool to impose this international scheme on her citizenry. Cute.

I wish the state legislature in Illinois would get back to graft and corruption, and stay out of people's lives.

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1 This is sounds like an attempt to codify U.N. Agenda 21 into American law.

Posted by: Filelinked at October 05, 2019 07:43 PM (nRxWA)

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