June 24, 2018

Never, ever give in to the demands of people who call you Nazis

Jonathan Dickinson

This is why you never, ever give in to the demands of people who call you Nazis just for enforcing existing immigration laws. After Trump gave them what they asked for (even though what they asked for and he provided was against the law and will be struck down in the courts), and after it was announced that all of the children being held at the southern border would be reunited with their parents by Sunday, this: Kirstjen Nielsen was hounded at a restaurant a couple of nights ago and was forced to leave because of fear for her safety. That night protesters surrounded her house with bullhorns, frightening the children in the neighborhood. Democrat media not only didn't condemn it, they raved about it. No Democrat leaders spoke up against it.

Hollywood's Peter Fonda threatened the lives of ICE agents and their children, wished unspeakable (literally unspeakable) things to happen to Nielsen and Sarah Sanders, and said "we should rip Barron Trump from his mother's arms and put him in a cage with pedophiles." A couple of Democrats clucked their tongues about how he might have gone a teensy bit too far. Twitter did not block those threats, although he voluntarily removed the one about Barron Trump, likely after the call to his house by Secret Service agents.

Sarah Sanders and her family were kicked out of a restaurant last night because of her political views. Many in the Democrat media said she deserved it, no Democrat leaders said a word about the nasty climate in their Party.

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi was verbally assaulted by screaming masses at a movie screening last night, having to be escorted out by the police out of concern for her safety. No Democrats said a word about the violence and the terror their supporters are causing.

So much for Democrats caring about children or empowering women, they don't, children are just pawns and women they hate don't count.

There are more examples, many more. Thousands of names, addresses, and telephone numbers of ICE agents, their families, ICE employees and staff members were published and there have been calls for their children's schools to be surrounded. There are protests going on around the country, one in particular resulting in an ICE facility in Portland Oregon being shut down out of fear for the safety of the occupants. The American flag was ripped from the flag pole and an international refugee flag was hoisted in its place. The Portland mayor gave a stand down order to the police and no Democrats anywhere in the country said a word, much less condemned the terrorists, and none called for the National Guard to intervene. And don't get me started about what Hollywood freaks and other unhinged American leftists are saying on Twitter, the threats that have been made...

But here's the thing, not one Democrat Party leader has said publicly that people need to tone down the rhetoric either, or dial back the overwrought emotions, even though these same Democrats can always find a cameraman and a mic when they want to attack President Trump and his "Nazi sympathizer" supporters. In fact, to the contrary, one Democrat said that ICE is a terrorist organization and needs to be disbanded. For decades, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Democrat Party leaders, and even people like John McCain have railed against the "violent rhetoric" coming from the right, from Fox News, from Rush Limbaugh and the rest of talk radio, not because they promoted violence but simply to silence them or diminish their influence. For a year, the Democrat Party and most of the voices in their media have called Fox News state-run media and propagandists who are treasonous for daring to question the behavior and criminality of the FBI, the DOJ, and the State Department even though they knew full well then, and have ample evidence now, why it was completely justified.

But now, with actual violent rhetoric and actual violence, actual terrorism, almost complete silence from the Left.

This will not end well, especially with so many of the far left advocates in the media promoting this behavior and worse, and make no mistake about it, this is not spontaneous, this is just how well organized the leftist extremists are who've taken control of the Democrat Party. Furthermore, this is, I suspect, all a planned extension of the outrage-inducing blitzkrieg (speaking of Nazis) that the media and their co-workers in the Democrat Party launched last Thursday, the day the IG report was released and two days after Trump met with Kim Jong Un in Singapore. Gee, I wonder if that was just a coincidence?

When even my senior senator from California, Diane Feinstein, normally a level-headed and serious voice in Washington DC and who is herself a Jewish woman, says on television that it seems America is or might become like Nazi Germany, this has gone well beyond just trying to score political points over immigration policy and to promote open borders, we are watching a full blown coup by Democrats in collusion with 94% of the American media and many in the corporate world and social media. My only hope and prayer is that a whole lot of normal Democrat voters are paying attention to this and begin to realize just what has become of their Party, and decide to abandon them.

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