December 30, 2019

Nazi Ecology

Mark Musser

William Kay has done an outstanding job describing the indigenous, holistic, and historical relationship between German Romanticism and the feudalistic world of Europe’s heartland that celebrated the aristocracy and the nobility together with their landed estates over the everyday economic needs of the common man which essentially began what is today called environmentalism – a quasi-revolution from the top down that was designed to squelch both Capitalism and Marxism because of their inherent grubby materialism which was erasing the distinction between the nobility and the peasantry. While the landed estates of Europe were already being eclipsed by what was then known as liberalism or free market capitalism, the opening up of land rich North America became an ‘existential’ threat to their very ‘being’ – all of which was later represented quite well by the existentialisms of proto-Nazi Friedrich Nietzsche and Nazi sage Martin Heidegger.

It was in the political-socio economic milieu of Goethe, Humboldt, and Haeckel, together with religious impulses that mystically worshiped the natural world, in which German environmentalism was born in the 1800’s. Such a movement then climaxed with the advent of National Socialism – which was by far the greenest regime on the planet in the 1930’s, and contrary to even popular scholarly opinion, perhaps the greenest regime seen still yet to date. Many of the same anti-humanist diatribes often witnessed today in the green movement, which was revived again in postwar Europe in the 1960’s that spilled into America as well, were already richly represented and presaged by German racist environmentalists of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

The green movement is not new, but is strongly rooted in the old feudal order of Europe. Thanks to rich, aristocratic ties with lots of cash, environmentalism has managed to cloak itself in progressive rhetoric, but is bent on bringing back a natural order that will lead to untold misery for the countless masses as was already clearly demonstrated by the destructive history of the Third Reich. Every aspect of the entire green movement today was already played out before during the 1930's and 40's under the banner of the swastika. How the Left today has adopted the environmental cloak is an irrational contradiction which only fascist postmodernism can adequately explain.

There are any number of historical nuggets to be found in this book, including the overlooked reality that Count von Stauffenberg's attempted coup against the Fuhrer in 1944, was not merely late in coming, but was also designed to bring back the German nobility back to power. Kaiser Wilhelm died in 1941, and was very proud of what Nazi Germany had accomplished at that early time. His son proudly fought in the Wehrmacht. The royalists were only looking for a way out once the war started going badly. The royalists and the National Socialists were deeply intertwined.

Another interesting fact which I knew but did not really emphasize in my own book on "Nazi Ecology," was over how the Nazi greens were also the only group allowed in the Third Reich to protest against public works and corporatism, even with regard to vital war effort projects and concerns.

Although the Nazi greens were supposed to make known their ecological concerns through the proper government channels, when that failed, they went public with few consequences. Kay points out:

"No other combatant state in WWII tolerated civilian obstruction of their war effort. The fact that the Third Reich’s tyrants not only tolerated but encouraged such obstruction demonstrates both the depth of their own commitment to nature-protectionism and the legitimacy movement activists possessed. Nazi Germany remains an exemplar of repression. During the nightmare years, no political movement had the right to agitate, mobilize, and obstruct – except the greens."

In another very revealing paragraph Kay also writes:

 "On November 13, 1938 Munster Conservation Advisor Professor Beyer gave a speech. Kristallnacht raged. A synagogue smoldered a block from the hall where Professor Beyer spoke. He decried the 'sinful acts' and the 'damage that cannot be remedied.' He was not talking about Kristallnacht. He was talking about the new 'canal-like' appearance of the regulated Ems River. His admonitions about the 'conflict between romanticism and technology' won thunderous applause. The Ems project was abandoned in 1941 after 53 miles of regulation."

Many Nazi greens were anti-Semitic, and many greens today are becoming increasingly so as well.

Read William Kay's new book The Green Swastika: Environmentalism in the Third Reich.

Read Marks book Nazi Oaks; The Green Sacrifice of the Judeo-Christian Worldview in the Holocaust

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