March 28, 2023

Nashville Shooter was Transgendered

Timothy Birdnow

The Nashville shooter was transgendered.

Being "transgendered" is the equivalent of saying you are Napoleon. We used to lock such people up in times gone by. Now we celebrate them and their "courage" to defy reality.

Frankly, the Napoleon delusion is better; they cause less trouble, both for themselves and for others. Napoleon isn't going to cut his Johnson off.

This now makes a lot of sense; a mentally-ill transvestite attacking the Christian school she attended. No doubt they wouldn't play along with her delusions and that made her angry.

Marjorie Taylor Greene tweets:

The female Nashville shooter identifies as a man.

So shouldn’t we just blame white men again?

Another article on the matter had this to say:

"According to police, Hale identified as a trans person. The shooter was biologically a woman but identified as a man. In such cases, a person is referred to with they/them/their pronouns.

Hale worked as a commercial illustrator and graphic designer who posted their creations online. They once worked on a children’s book about a support dog, according to a LinkedIn page.

Hale attended Nossi College of Art in Nashville, and most recently worked part-time as a grocery shopper for Shipt, according to LinkedIn.On their website, Hale described themselves as enjoying "binging on video games, watching movies, and playing sports.”

End excerpt.

So we are supposed to call this woman "they" or "them" rather than she.

Our society is batcrap crazy.

So "they" was a woman pumped full of testosterone who played what were probably violent video games and bought guns. You cannot get any more stereotypical than that.

Here's the real kicker:

"She had previously posted on social media after school shootings and called for more gun control.

She even shared links on Facebook to a Sandy Hook Promise petition to "keep guns out of schools,” calling the pledge "so important,” according to the Independent newspaper."

End excerpt.

So she is probably a liberal, and definitely a gun control enthusiast.

Sources close to the family claim she was a high function autistic (meaning someone with Aspergers.) Just like Greta Thurnberg, Scoldilocks.

So why were they giving someone with borderline autism hormone treatments? Assuming she was receiving them, that is.

Madness is like fire. You feed it and it will grow.

Anyone ever see the movie The Madness of King George? George III was mad as a march hare. His doctor was forced to take a firm hand with him, making George face reality whether he wanted to or not. (He likely suffered from Porphyria, a genetic blood disorder that turns the urine blue.) Everyone acquiesced to whatever the king said so he had no way of gauging his insanity and resisting it. His doctor refused to knuckle under, and he provided what George needed - solid reality.

We have taken to treating madness as normal because "who are we to judge" and this whole idea of a subjective reality. So the insane grow more insane and as their madness metastasizes they do worse and worse things. Since we no longer believe society has any right to correct them they will keep pushing until they cross a very bad line.

This young woman was mad. But the society that spawned her is even crazier.

The problem is that we no longer believe in suppressing our desires or emotions. That is, after all, the essence of civilization, the suppression of natural desires (or unnatural) for the collective good. But we now say "who are we to judge" and claim there is no reality, just "your" reality to excuse crazy or deviant behavior.

If a person has some deviant or even criminal TENDENCIES it is not their fault. But they should be taught to suppress such by society. Many a would-be serial killer or rapist or whatnot does not act out precisely because they have learned self-control and hold to a moral code that makes it unthinkable.

We are excusing this now and it is why so many of our problems seem to be metastasizing. If you don't tell a guy who thinks he's Napoleon that he's not he'll invade Russia! Well, that at least is harmless but we used to lock such people away. Now we let people who are really crazy, a danger to themselves and others, loose and not only tolerate their insanity but celebrate it and promote it.

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1  Ace had posted a picture of a poster calling for a Day of Vengeance on April 1 that came from the trans movement. If it had been any right wing esp Trump org. it would have been main stream  headlines calling for investigations. Like the global warning scam its ignored.

Posted by: Mike at March 28, 2023 10:20 PM (dQMMH)

2  Also from Ace the ban on armed resource officers on school property brought to us by those children loving people of BLM. Hey big brother since I know your watching how about removing the blinders and check them out.

Posted by: Mike at March 28, 2023 10:52 PM (dQMMH)

3 I hadn't heard about that Mike!  Yeah; that would have been big national news had it been the MAGA movement!

I heard Biden saying "we can't turn our schools into prison camps".  Well, he'd rather they be shooting galleries?  The fact is we have no choice but put armed guards in the schools as his friends in the Progressive movement have made disciplining children impossible and thus stopping this impractical.

But it's always about grabbing guns and not dealing with the people who employ them.

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at March 29, 2023 08:30 AM (gNId8)

4 I hope people understand that MTG was speaking in the ironic sense when she made her remark about blaming white men.

And when Dementia Joe talks about turning our schools into prison camps, people should realize that when he makes comments about guns, especially in relation to schools, it's best to just ignore him. Indeed, arming teachers and other school personnel is better than having no guards, especially if it is publicized that there are armed guards. The Nashville shooter passed up one school because she knew there were guards there. If every school had armed personnel it's very possible that nobody would shoot up a school.

Posted by: Dana Mathewson at March 30, 2023 11:24 PM (GIKgf)

5 Agreed Dana. Biden has zero credibility where guns are concerned. He'd probably try to load a AR-15 from the muzzle.

I winced when MTG said that; they way the media twists jokes or irony is guaranteed to have some poop come back at me in a year or two throwing that in my face saying she is an idiot.

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at March 31, 2023 02:05 PM (7j2oY)

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