July 08, 2018

NARAL Mad they couldn't Abort Illegal Alien Children

Timothy Birdnow

The National Abortion Rights Action League is indignant over the Trump policy of putting minor children in resorts, er, protective custody until their gate crashing parents can have their asylum cases adjudicated.

According to Life Site News: "Approximately 32 minutes into the podcast, Copeland urged pro-abortion activists to overcome their "misery” toward the political landscape and mobilize for pro-abortion volunteerism.

"Look, I get it, the misery index is really high,” she said. "It seems like they’re coming at us from every direction, I mean...they’re putting babies in cages, for God’s sake."

End excerpt.

I ask the question; is it better to put live babies in cages or dead ones in holes the ground? The irony seems lost on these people.

Or are they just mad they weren't able to get these babies before these alien women gave birth?

Of course the children temporarily detained and separated from the adults who brought them (who might be sex traffickers or child sellers or some other deviants, we don't know) are hardly put into cages; the photos the media has been presenting have either been staged or are from the Obama era, and this has been soundly confirmed. But even if all of that were true, Donald Trump took action when he was made aware that there might be a problem, signing an Executive Order to the fact. The President is not personally present to see these things, and the best anybody can do is to take action when they learn there may be a problem,

The reality is there was no problem; this is a political hit (because children have enormous emotional manipulative power) and a way to put the Administration in a catch-22 with only one way out - catch and release. The Left and the media (but I repeat myself) know the rules issued by a Federal judge allows just three weeks to deal with this problem, and with tens of thousands showing up at the border and a backlog going back months, it is impossible to give these trespassers a hearing in that time. So releasing them into the U.S. on their own recognizance is the only answer and they will never be seen again.

Cute trick.

I have a suggestion; why doesn't NARAL support sterilization of the incoming aliens? If they are so worried about quality of life that they want to murder babies in the womb, why wouldn't they support sterilization as a condition of entry, so that you don't have multiple babies born to impoverished newcomers? Bear in mind, I in no way advocate such a thing, but why wouldn't someone who has already decided that life only matters when it is wanted and cherished take such an action? Maybe if NARAL would promote abortion south of the border we wouldn't have this big surplus population to show up at our doorstep? Oh, they only want to murder AMERICAN babies! Especially black children.

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