April 28, 2019

Muslim Win; Catholics suspend Mass in Sri Lanka

Timothy Birdnow

Sri Lankan Catholic leaders have cancelled Masses for today, asking the Faithful to celebrate Masses in private homes or do without for the forseable future.

From VOA::

Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith asked the faithful throughout Sri Lanka to stay home for their own safety, saying, "We don't want repetitions.”

The U.S. State Department on Friday raised the travel advisory level for Sri Lanka to three out of four, meaning visitors should reconsider traveling to the country. It said, "Terrorist groups continue plotting possible attacks in Sri Lanka,” and that terrorists could again target places of worship as well as other public areas, including shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, sporting events and parks.

The U.S. Embassy in Colombo, on its Twitter account, urged people to "remain vigilant and avoid large crowds.”

Sri Lankan authorities are reporting that additional attacks may occur targeting places of worship. Avoid these areas over the weekend, starting tomorrow, April 26th through Sunday, April 28th. Continue to remain vigilant and avoid large crowds. #srilanka pic.twitter.com/4kjd57Dcty

— U.S. Embassy Colombo (@USEmbSL) April 25, 2019

This is exactly what the terrorists want; they have won. By closing the churches the catholic heirarchy is telling the minority Muslims that they can get there way via terrorism, force Christians and others into seclusion. This sets a terrible precedent.

More security and an aggressive policy toward punishing the radicals is the answer - not hiding under your beds.

The article continues:

On Friday, thousands of Sri Lankan security personnel were deployed across the country to places of worship, as Muslims answered the call to prayer.

"Everyone is nervous," Abdullah Mohammed, 48, told The Associated Press before prayers. "Not just the Muslims. Buddhists, Christians, Hindus — everybody's nervous."

Security forces combed the country, tracking down what they say are dozens of local militants with links to the Islamic State terror group, which claimed responsibility for the Easter attacks. A military spokesman said a gunbattle erupted Friday in Sri Lanka's Eastern Province during a search operation.

Suicide bombers killed more than 250 people Sunday in the devastating attack on churches and hotels in Colombo. Officials had earlier set the death toll at more than 350 but revised the number on Thursday, saying some bodies might have been counted twice.

So MUSLIMS are nervous? About what, exactly? Rampaging Buddhists? Murder-minded Christians seeking vengeance in violation of the admonition of Jesus?

That is so typically modern; the aggressors are portrayed as victims.

Granted, ISIS might kill other Muslims; they DO have to worry about that.

I find it interesting that these attacks on Christian churches occurred right after the great Notre Dame fire (which followed on the heels of numerous acts of arson and desecrations of other French churches). It smells too much like a pattern.

Another point to ponder; the official name of Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) is the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. Isn't it convenient from the socialist perspective to have Catholic churches closing? Socialists never do like Christianity.

Also, it is said that Islam begins agitating in earnest in any country once they hit ten percent of the population. Sri Lanka has an Islamic population of 9.7%, almost at the ten percent level. Christians make up a minority at 7.4%. Buddhists are the lion's share at just over seventy percent, with Hindus coming in second at 12.6%

It also should be pointed out that Sri Lanka has always been leftist, and there was an attempted coup by communists in 1972, which failed.

If so small a minority was non-Christian and attacked the West would be screaming bloody murder about the oppression. Strangely the "progressives" in America fall silent now. Why? Because in their view Christians are always oppressors and get what they deserve. If the media was honest they would say this very thing, but they cannot afford to gin up any sympathy for Christians.

So the ten percent of Muslims now have the whole country cowering, and have stopped the celebration of Mass in Catholic churches. I can't say I blame them, but they need more courage than that. Look at what Christians went through - and go through now. Fed to lions, crucified, sold into slavery, etc. was the lot of the early Church. In fact, it was precisely the suffering of the early Church that made it obvious it was the real deal; nobody would endure that for a delusion. But we aren't the men our fathers were.

So the Muslims and the atheists have won, at least this battle.

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