April 28, 2018

Muslim Slave Holder in Texas

Timothy Birdnow

While scanning The Drudge Report I noticed a link to a Fort Worth newspaper article about a couple holding a young African girl as a house slave. This piqued my curiosity because Texas isn't the kind of place where people covertly own slaves; too many guns and a willingness to use them make it tricky to perpetrate such a long term crime. While normally I ignore lurid headlines like this one, I was sufficiently intrigued to take a quick gander.

I wasn't surprised when I heard the name of the slave master. It was Mohamed Toure.

Muslims still keep slaves in parts of Africa, and are at the epicenter of the sexual slave trafficking in the U.S. It's no big deal to enslave people in Islam, and black Africans have always been fair game to them.

OH, and the article points out that the girl had long overstayed her visa. She was an illegal alien.

By the way, Mohamed is the son of Guinea's first president and a big supporter of Hugo Clhavez.

This is where multiculturalism and lax immigration leads. America has always had Christian values, and while not everyone who came here was a Christian, they generally were willing to accept those values as the price of being an American. And why not? Christian values are about love, forgiveness, morality. But now we are letting amoral and immoral people come by the millions, and Islam is one of the fastest growing religions in the U.S. Where Islam comes you find slavery, rape, rioting, and a host of other types of bad behavior. Why? Islam has always grown by the assumption of it's own moral superiority and by compelling the infidel to accept the right of the Muslim to rule. OF COURSE you are going to have Muslims holding people in slavery; their law supercedes ours in their minds and they want to show they can and will do such things unless you submit.

Notice how this article soft peddles the fact that the man is a Muslim. None dare speak of such things. Political correctness dovetails with dhimmitude here.

If we don't wake up here in America and in the West in general the barbarians will overrun us

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