December 21, 2019

More Ranting on Impeachment

Timothy Birdnow

My cousin asked about how it would work if the Senate against President Trump. I gave a lengthy reply:

No. But they can hold the referral until after the next election, when they will perhaps have a favorable Senate.

The whole point is to a.bloody Trump up for the election and b.hold it in reserve in case the Democrats take the Senate and can get the result they want. It illustrates quite plainly how partisan this whole process has been. If it were about actual high crimes and misdemeanors they would go to the Senate and present their case.

Bear in mind there were articles of impeachment against Trump in June of 2017, and again on December 6 of that year. They didn't have the votes at that time.

 Bear in mind the Mueller investigation - which largely cleared President Trump - was not even complete at that time. Remember, too, that before Trump was even confirmed as President by electors in the College of Electors  there were Democrats who flatly refused to accept the results, and a few Electors pledged to Donald Trump were doxxed to intimate others. https:// 12/14/ electors-are-bei ng-harassed-thr eatened-in-bid- to-stop-trump/

And it should be remembered that the entire "Russian Collusion" meme was started when the Clinton campaign hired Fusion GPS, who hired British Mi6 agent Michael Steele, who in turn obtained Russian disinformation from the Ukrainians. THAT is the basis of all of this, and THAT was what Donald Trump wanted investigated, among other things.

In short, this whole impeachment is essentially a temper tantrum because Trump won the election. The Democrats moved forward knowing they had no chance of winning. They also did not even make a case, relying on hearsay evidence and, well, gossip. The charges are as broad as possible, so that they wouldn't have to actually make a case.

 Consider: Trump has been charged with the very nebulous "abuse of power", which is entirely defined by Congress. And what did he do? If you read the transcript, he asked the Ukrainians to do "us a favor" not HIM. That is right in line with the treaty we have with the Ukrainians to combat corruption - and Trump had every reason to want to combat corruption in Ukraine, as that was the platform used to attack him. And, since Mr. Biden is on tape in a speech to the Council on Foreign Relations bragging about his threat to withhold funds from the Ukrainians and how they fired the prosecutor investigating his son as a result, one seriously doubts the claim this was an abuse of power.

BTW Hunter Biden had zero experience in either oil or gas and knew nothing about the Ukraine. So why was he on the board of a Ukrainian energy company?

The second article of impeachment is Obstructing Congress, a ludicrous claim as the President is a coequal branch of government and has executive privilege - which he lawfully asserted just as Barack Obama frequently did. (BTW, everyone forgets that Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder was cited with Contempt of Congress for simply refusing to hand over subpoena'd documents. Nobody suggested Obama be impeached for that.)

In short, the Democrats have no case and they know it - which is why they want to pull this at this moment. They can keep it and bring it after the election if Trump is re-elected and they somehow win the Senate or at least split it (there are several GOP Senators who they can flip.)

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1 They would have to win 24 seats which are presently Republican wjhile losing none of the presently Democratic seats, in order to have a supermajority of 67 seats. The chances of that happening are about equal to the sun rising in the west five days in a row.

Posted by: Bill H at December 21, 2019 10:05 AM (vMiSr)

2 It would be tough, Bill, but of course several Republicans may join the Democrats if they take the Senate. Certainly Mitt Romney would. Susan Collins might as well.

I doubt they'd get to a supermajority, but they at least want to turn this into a circus, with multiple witnesses, and to drag this out. In fact, I don't know if they even really want to remove Trump (the base does, but that is different) since they fundraise so well using Trump as their bogeyman. Better to paralyze him with impeachment and then keep him twisting in the wind.

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at December 21, 2019 12:03 PM (OIYAT)

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