February 21, 2024

More on the J6 False Flag

Beverly McCaul Goff

This story by Michael Shellenberger just came up on X and it is well worth sharing. Slowly but surely we are finding out more information about regarding the sketchy events from J6!

FBI Claim That Alleged January 6 Pipe Bomb Was Left At Republican Headquarters Is False, New Evidence Suggests

Person who allegedly discovered the device worked for FBI contractor

by @Shellenberger & @galexybrane
FBI Director Christopher Wray testifies before the House on January 31, 2024, in Washington, DC (left); the FBI’s erroneous map of the alleged bomb (center); Karlin Younger, who allegedly discovered the alleged bomb (Photo by Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images; FBI)

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), last year, somebody planted a bomb at the Republican National Committee (RNC) headquarters on January 5 to go off on January 6, the day of the Capitol riot.

But the person who was the FBI’s Director of the Washington Field Office on January 6, 2021 told members of Congress last year that he agreed the bomb couldn’t have gone off on January 6 because it had a 60-minute timer on it.

"One of the many implausible aspects of the FBI’s pipe bomb narrative is that the device outside the Capitol Hill Club sat there overnight and for half the day,” Massie told Public, only to be discovered just minutes before the breach of the perimeter at the Capitol with the kitchen timer set to 20 minutes remaining.”

There are many other suspicious elements of the case. The FBI claims that cell phone data that would have helped it to find the bomber was corrupted. The Secret Service claims that all the text messages of its agents from January 6 were deleted, which independent experts have said is "highly unusual,” "not something any other organization would ever do,” and "ludicrous.”

And a video released last month by Rep. Thomas Massie showed that after a passerby told them about the Democratic National Committee (DNC) pipe bomb, Capitol police did not react with alarm and let people, including children, walk past the alleged bomb.

Reporter Julie Kelly reported that surveillance video appears to show an individual and a trained bomb-sniffing dog sweeping the premises a few hours before the DNC pipe bomb was discovered. If the bomb had been planted the day before, as the FBI claims, it is unclear how the Secret Service would have missed it.

Now, an experienced security analyst has come forward with a report for members of Congress, which shows in great detail that the FBI is misrepresenting the location of the alleged bomb allegedly found at the RNC.

Map created by a security expert. It shows the discrepancy in the FBI’s map of the alleged bomb.

"The FBI map displays the pipe bomb’s location near the southern corner of the Capitol Hill Club,” but in reality, the source says, "the device was closer to the opposite side of the building.”

Last month, Darren Beattie of Revolver News reported, "The first bomb discovered was not an ‘RNC bomb’; it was discovered in a back alley by the Capitol Hill Club, which is adjacent to the RNC.”

But now, the anonymous security expert has created a series of highly detailed illustrations of the misleading mapping. The FBI map "misrepresents the dimensions of the RNC and Capitol Hill Club buildings, making it appear the bomb was closer to the RNC,” notes the expert.

In response to an email detailing these new allegations, an FBI spokesperson said the agency would not comment on this story and referred us to the FBI’s most recent statement, which reiterates that it is offering a $500,000 reward for information about the alleged bomber and that the bombs were "viable,” not fake, and that "a dedicated team” has spent "thousands of hours conducting interviews, reviewing physical and digital evidence, and assessing tips…”

The FBI has not released video evidence necessary for following the bomb suspect. "FBI has released video recordings of the alleged bomber walking through the alley,” notes the security expert, but "it has not made public a video of the perpetrator planting a bomb near the wooden fence. The FBI also has declined to release video that shows the alleged bomber placing a pipe bomb near the base of a bench at the DNC.”

Beyond the implausibility of the FBI’s official story about the location of the bomb is the suspicious behavior and employer of the person, Karlin Younger, who claims to have discovered the alleged bomb.
Photos and captions from security expert.

At the time, Younger worked for a security contractor to the FBI, Kelly first reported on X and Substack in January. Several representatives of US government security agencies, including the Director of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), sit on the board of that security contractor called "FirstNet.”

Younger’s self-described reaction to what she believed was a bomb was unrealistically calm, notes the political security expert. "Younger never expressed any worry.” The security expert expressed suspicions about other facts that Younger alleged, including that she had walked past the alleged bomb three times without noticing it. Younger did not respond to Public’s requests for comment....

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