January 24, 2017

More on the Inaugural Numbers

Timothy Birdnow

I said security may ave been responsible for keeping people off the Mall in Washington for Donald Trump's inaugural. Turns out I was right.


Ann Kane dishes at American Thinker:

"Six hundred fifty thousand general admission attendees were expected with 12 TSA checkpoints along the parade route and the mall. Two hundred fifty thousand who had tickets were processed through separate checkpoints. The TSA said they could screen 1,500 people per hour. So it would take 36 hours to process 18,000 per hour if crowds were evenly distributed throughout the day before the event.

Did the powers that be want to restrict access to Trump's inauguration so the media could claim that the crowds were much smaller than Obama's? And how in the world did 2 million people make it onto the mall back in 2008 if these same restrictions were in place?"

End excerpt.

Now remember the TSA is a unionized government agency and it would be in their interst - or at least make them feel good - to keep people away. Couple that with rain, with rioting and protesting, and with the fact that Obama was the boss until that very morning and we have a situation guaranteed to depress turnout.

The TSA certainly has proven horribly inefficient at processing airline passengers, so why did we expect them to do a good job here? And why are they even in charge here anyway? They were intended to screen luggage, not spectators.

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