September 17, 2017

More from the Pitts

Timothy Birdnow

Brian seems to have struck a nerve with the good Leonard Pitts Jr. Here is more back and forth between them:

On Fri, Sep 15, 2017 at 9:26 PM, Leonard Pitts <> wrote:

My columns contain absolutely no "anti-white sentiment." Never have. They do frequently contain painful historical fact and anti bigot sentiment that some white people find uncomfortable, probably because it strikes too close to home To avoid their own discomfort, they usually process what I've said as "anti-white sentiment" and project it on to me.

The problem with that, however, is that it doesn't account for the literally millions of white readers who seem to think I'm an okay guy. So are they too dumb to recognize this terrible "anti-white sentiment" of mine that you see so clearly? Or are you just using that as a lame cover to escape truths you find too hard to deal with in any other way?

Take your time...


> Mr.. Pitts,
> Since you are now delving into the world of psychology, I would have to say that self-knowledge is certainly not one of your virtues. I don't know the millions of white readers who think you are an okay guy, and wonder whether you've actually counted them, but I suppose that my incredulousness on this score is "...just a lame cover to escape truths you find hard to deal with in any other way." Yes sir, when all else fails, like a certified liberal, you engage in spiteful, churlish personal attacks. You still have not addressed my central point. Do you deny that America has been a good country for you? How, then do you account for your success?
> Regards,
> B. Birdnow
> St. Louis, Mo.

Your "incredulousness" notwithstanding: I've been writing this column for 23 years. It appears in somewhere north of 225 newspapers. The vast majority of newspaper readers in this country are older and white. Do the math. Or, just come out to any of my speaking engagements and see for yourself.

What you will find – and I hate to say this, because I know how much you dislike being psychologically diagnosed – is that you have been projecting your own small mindedness and fear on to a whole bunch of other people who do not share it.

As for America: yes, the country has been good in some ways, but bitterly oppressive in too many others. That is yet another example of the effects of the white racism that I've been talking about. I'm still waiting for you to tell me how my supposed "racism" has impacted you.


Notice how Pitts fails to see that there are millions of Americans who think he is a jackass; he bases his conclusions about being loved on turnouts by liberals at his speeches. Newspaper readers are older and white? Perhaps - my father is - but that hardly means they love HIM. My dad reads the leftist Post-Dispatch primarily for the sports scores.

And Pitts is back to his "projection theory, which is his OWN progection, quite frankly. He's the one who sees racism behind every tree and around every corner. I hate to break it to him, but the average white person doesn't think much one way or another about black people; they are just there, like everybody else. White people may be perturbed on occasion by black people but largely for cause; they are worreid about crime, or about noise, or about property values dropping. It is not because these are funny looking people (to them) or any of the other ridiculous theories Pitts puts forward. I would like to point out that whites aren't alone in this; in my job as property manager I encountered many black people who made it quite plain they didn't want to live in black communities and for the exact same reason that whites would give. It is not about the color of skin but the content of character. Remember when Jesse Jackson said he was always releived to see a white person walking up behind him in a dark street? Pitts pretends that isn't the case.

See the complete exchange here.

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