September 13, 2018

More evidence of Google's war on conservatives

Dana Mathewson

This article is by L. Brent Bozell III, who is a recognized expert on media.

Google, owned by the same parent company as YouTube, is arguably the most influential social media company in the world, with a power to affect the public dialogue across the globe in ways unimaginable just a handful of years ago.

The question is now being asked: Is Google flexing its muscles to do just that?

Conservatives have pointed to mounting evidence that Google is waging war on them. They’ll cite everything from YouTube banishing conservatives for espousing their beliefs, to Google partnering with left-wing organizations to disparage conservative thought itself. All along, Google has issued bizarre, barely understandable statements denying these charges.

Now Google executives have been caught again – twice in the past two weeks. Actually, they have indicted themselves with explosive leaks of their own material. And it goes to the very top of the corporate food chain.

Breitbart has released an explosive video of an hour-long post-election Google meeting featuring staff and top executives discussing their despair over the election of President Trump in 2016. There’s a reason the video has a "Confidential – Internal Use Only” label on top. It’s about the last thing that company wanted the public to see.

The video features Google co-founder Sergey Brin opening the meeting by declaring: "I think it’s a very stressful time. It conflicts with many of our values … voting is not a rational act.” In one fell swoop he both endorsed Hillary Clinton and disparaged the Trump voters who Clinton referred to as "deplorables.”

The video features Google Vice President for Global Affairs Kent Walker dismissing the election results as "a hiccup” interrupting the march of the left.


A hiccup, eh? Let us greatly hope it's more than that!

The article is here:

Meanwhile, are you still using Google as your search engine of choice? I'm not and haven't been for some time.

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