December 28, 2016

More Democrat Soul Searching

Dana Mathewson

Good article, I'd say.

But there's a big point that is left out. It's one thing for the party to get straightened around on addressing economic issues, as the article hints needs to be done. It's something totally different for voters to be convinced that the Left understands just how to fix the problems. Because things got progressively (to use their favorite term) WORSE under the Obama administration, no matter what they try to tell us. Everything they tried for eight years just screwed things up more. More unemployment (no matter what dishonest government metrics were used). Fewer jobs created, and by that I mean real, full-time jobs that would stand the test of time. The housing market is still in tatters except perhaps in pockets around the country.

Bottom line: the Democrats can talk all they want about these things, but who believes they can actually DO anything about them even if they try?

And don't even get me started on illegal immigration, Muslim or otherwise.


Essentially all these "soul searching" articles are not about the Truth so much as "how do we fool them next time" and "how did they get out from under our thumbs?" The Democrats have no intention of changing, just rebranding. They'll spend more time in Wisconsin and Michigan and pay more lip service but if they get back in they'll pull the same stuff. Sadly a lot of blue collar voters will fall for it - just as they did when Bill Clinton showed up claiming to be a "new" Democrat.

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