May 30, 2017

More Apostacy at SLU

Timothy Birdnow

St. Louis University is a Catholic University in midtown St. Louis (and my alma matre). The Catholic Church forbids contraception as sinful, yet the editorial board of the U. news, the official student newspaper, are calling for the Jewuit institution to provide birth control.

They argue:

"Although SLU is a Catholic university whose policy is against premarital sex, the University should not force its students to adhere to Catholic doctrines. As a university, the institution’s main role in the lives of students is not to influence their private affairs. The school may be a private institution with a religious affiliation, but its focus is largely academic. The United States is becoming increasingly secular, and the University should adapt to this changing reality. SLU has a large social justice presence and should concentrate on how this social justice aspect aligns with the Jesuit mission."

End excerpt.

Now, there are no rubber police, no raids in search of illicit contraception. Students may indulge their carnal desires if they wish, but the university simply does not provide the means. If you want to act like rabbits you can go to the gas station just off campus and buy your own.

But this is not adequate to the liberal students at SLU, who demand the school provide these things. And while the editorial does not call for the University to pay for them, there is little doubt that is the ultimate intention.

This illustrates the incidious nature of leftism, how it divides and conqueres. SLU is a Catholic institution, and promotes (or supposedly promotes) Catholic doctrine. The editors at the U. News argue that the cafeteria still sells meat on Fridays during Lent, which is true, but food and drink are not sex and one does not require sexual congress to survive. Also, not eating meat does not rise to the level of contraception in Church law.

But that is neither here nor there; the point is if these students want condoms supplied at their school they should attend a secular university. Certainly UMSL would provide. Liberals work this way; demand a more "open' and "welcoming" institution then demand that those who started the institution surrender their fundamental beliefs to make accomodate the people who at first came hat-in-hand. The end result is a move to secularize, a move to the left which is intended ultimately to destroy the old order aka the Catholic Church.

It's a profilactic revolution.

Another point to ponder; we are told endlessly about how unsafe college campuses are for women and how much rape is occuring. Men are all predating on the college coed, and yet the student paper demands condoms and birth control pills to ramp up the sexual activity. Go figure.

These students should either be Catholic or go elsewhere.

One must wonder why the Univeristy let them publish this. If there were grounds for disciplining the official campus paper it is this. One does not voluntarily associate with an institution and then demand to set the terms under which they attend. All Americans have freedom of speech, but when you use University resources to distribute an officially recognized paper on campus you must accept certain restrictions. Maintaining Catholic standards is hardly an abridgement of civil rights.

It's little wonder the universities are starting to crumble.

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