May 15, 2019

Monsoon Rainfall Decline over last Eighty Years

Timothy Birdnow

Chinese researchers, using tree ring data, have shown that the monsoon seasons have been weakening at an unprecedented level, and have been doing so for the last 80 years.

Read it at  Physorg

The researchers studied Asian Monsoon rainfall and found it has declined considerably. They blame it on industrial pollutants.

Strange; eighty years ago was 1939, well before the rise of industrialism worldwide. There was virtually no industrial emissions in Asia back then, and there was as yet no increase in carbon dioxide levels in the Earth's atmosphere.

But this DOES coincide with the Earth's exit from the Little Ice Age and the warming period of the '30's.

The article tries to blame industrial emissions, but the time scale doesn't wash. It DOES if one assumes natural variability.

Also, one must wonder at the methodology; they used just a few ancient trees to make this determination, one of which was high on a rocky outcropping. Does that give an accurate picture of rainfall?

There are any number of other factors that could explain a reduction in rainfall; the Earth's magnetic field is weakening, for instance, and that could in fact influence wind patterns. Global Warming is but one theory, and in my opinion a weak one, as the reduction in rainfall started reducing before any major increase in carbon dioxide emissions.

Oh, and isn't Global Warming supposed to make the Earth a "warmer, wetter world"? Strange how much it seems to dry everything when the whole theory is predicated on increased water vapor evaporation as a result of the warming driven by co2. And if these \monsoon rainfalls are dropping off in Asia, where are they going? Water vapor doesn't just disappear. I notice this article makes no mention of the rainfall dropping in other places.

My opinion is this research, while attempting to buttress AGW theory, does quite the opposite.

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