November 22, 2021

Missouri Governor Says We Should Treat Unvaccinated Differently

Timothy Birdnow

This story is getting a little dust but I just became aware of it and it's worth mentioning.

Missouri is an overwhelmingly Republican state right now. The GOP has a supermajority in both houses of Congress. And we have all the major state offices.

The current hillbilly governor is one Mike Parsons. Parsons assumed the position after allowing then governor Eric Greitens to be taken out by the Soros-funded Prosecuting Attorney in St. Louis Kim Gardner on trumped up charges. And we all thought he was going to be a good leader. We were wrong.

He's caved almost completely to the Covidiots.

And now...

Yes, this dufus of a governor says it is "irresponsible to treat vaccinated and unvaccinated alike" and he said we have to "But you have to separate vaccinated from unvaccinated. You need to declare a difference between those two people,”

So he is openly calling for discrimination against those who decide it is in their best interests to not take this experimental and potentially dangerous injection.

With friends like these...

Whatever happened to equality before the Law? What happened to our right to be secure in our persons?

When the AIDS epidemic was raging we were told how we cannot discriminate, how we must allow everyone infected into the mainstream of society. Now we want a scarlet letter, a great big U for Unvaccinated.

And Missouri's Republican  governor is o.k. with that.

He needs to be primaried in '24.

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1 Guy sounds like a RINO to me. What is it about these governors who get the idea they were elected king?

Posted by: Dana Mathewson at November 22, 2021 02:06 PM (U7481)

2 We all thought he would be good. He isn't a guy with fire in the belly, but we thought he would be a solid conservative.

How wrong we were!

Parsons apparently wants to be loved more than he wants to take a strong stand.

He's kept the state of emergency in place, which has allowed our Mayor here in the 'Lou to keep all the restrictions in place.

He should have ended the state of emergency months if not a year ago.

Look, if we needed a village idiot in Missouri politics we already have Claire McCaskill for that.  Parson is pressing hard for that job.

Missouri is overwhelmingly Republican, but given the Crash of RINO's in this state (a group of rinocerus are known as a crash) we desperately need strong conservative leadership.

Sadly we aren't getting it.

The GOP raised the gasoline tax, for instance, because they saw a golden opportunity to hide it with rising prices. The public has repeatedly voted against raising the gas tax.

This illustrates the problem with the Big Tent philosophy. Yes, you do own more seats and can move legislation, but you water down the message. At some point it no longer matters if you elect a Republican or Democrat. The Dems will seem more honest as they are proud of their Leftism. The GOP, on the other hand, appears to be duplicitious, talking a good game but being Democrat-lite. May as welll go whole hog.

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at November 23, 2021 11:35 AM (PnO6z)

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