November 29, 2020

Media Madness

James Doogue

It's not just crazy lefties in the streets. This has been the reaction of the mainstream media and big tech, social media platforms.

From election day 2016, the headlines were full of claims Trump colluded with the Russians. I recall the word 'bombshell' being used in relation to 'breaking news' about the claims Trump colluded with Russia.

At no time did I see or hear newsreaders, journalists or commentators add the words 'baseless claims' when talking about alleged collusion with Russia. At no time did I see Facebook, Twitter or YouTube censor articles, posts or videos pushing the Russia Collusion claims.

We had 4 years of lefties questioning the legitimacy of the Trump presidency.

Now there are multiple sources of evidence of widespread irregularities in the votes, inexplicable unless fraud is assumed, mainstream media aren't covering it, or they are pushing the 'baseless claims' line.

Social media is vigoressly blocking or censoring posts and shares which include claims of voter fraud.

The double standards are plain to see. Our media used to try to hide their left wing bias, now they don't bother.

Tim adds:

Interestingly this is a worldwide phenomenon. While some overseas outlets are more fair, most of them toe the line of the American media about Trump and this election. The media is the true colluder.

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