August 31, 2017

Mean it for Good

Dana Mathewson

Yes. Instead of a political club to hit Mr. Trump with. Roger L. Simon outdoes himself here, with a splendid article (and shows his Biblical scholarship at the same time).

Every time I see people trying to put the blame for a catastrophic natural event on a public official -- such as George W. Bush with Katrina or Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner with Harvey -- I suspect the persons casting those aspersio Fns have problems of their own. They are projecting.
If you want to blame someone for Harvey, blame God. But just be grateful it wasn't worse, as in: "God gave Noah the rainbow sign, no more water, the fire next time."

Also, unless you're so desperate and rigid in your thinking that your ideology has given you a self-induced lobotomy, forget about global warming or climate change or whatever the euphemism of the day might be. These events have been occurring since long before recorded time. The mountains and the oceans came from somewhere.

These are humbling experiences, even to those of us far away, watching on television. They should bring us together, not tear us apart or be used to score cheap political points.

I agree. The media could help here, rather than carp about the First Lady's shoes.


Also on PJ Media was an article about a media outlet that not only bashed Melania Trump's shoes, but also President Trump's khaki pants, of all things. The funny thing is, Barack Obama wore the same khaki pants and the same peapicking jacket as Trump back when he visited New Jersey during Hurricane Sandy. And no, strangely enough, no one in the far left media seemed to be concerned with that particular pair of beige pants.


In the original "Legally Blonde" movie, Reese Witherspoon, portraying a wealthy and fashionable but inexperienced young lawyer, was in court arguing a case. An opposition witness, a young man, made some remark about her shoes being last year's style and named the designer either just before or while he was n the witness stand. She turned to her muscular hetero co-attorney and asked him what kind of shoes she had. He said, "They're shoes, What?" At that point Reese knew that the witness was a screaming gay and used that info - which was very pertinent to the facts fo the case - to destroy the witness's credibility in court.

In real life, I was riding the subway one day when an old man was playing the accordion for tips. Suddenly, he told a young woman rider that her handbag was a knockoff and she countered by saying it was the real thing. A "successful" old man who had to play the accordion on the subway to make ends meet.

Also, in real life, a woman came into my parents' store when I was working there before getting into computer programming. She had some minor complaint and one of the salesladies pointed out to everyone behind the counter that this woman had some expensive hairstyle that the saleslady obviously wished she could afford to get, some detail that I would never pick out.

Who but a jealous or envious woman or a screaming gay or a bitter, crazy old man would give a damn about the fine details of what shoes or other fashion item some woman wore?

A few writers on the interent also said Melania Trump changed shoes later. When I worked at the midtown offices together with Dana, the women would come to work in sneakers and change into high heels once in the office, keeping a few pair of heels in the pull out file cabinet drawer of their desk, something I saw when making conversation just before 5 p.m. quitting time. Melania did the reverse process, changing into some practical shoes or boots when she was approached the messy ground in Texas


Good points, Jack. "Things" matter more, or less, to some people than they do to others. I think what's involved here is one of the Seven Deadly Sins, envy. I try to keep it far away from me. As a guy, I pay more attention to cars than to shoes, but I'd pay attention to, say, work boots or hiking boots if I were in the right situation, as having the right footgear for working, hiking or hunting is important.

Speaking of cars, I remember the 1960's black comic Dick Gregory talking about "controlled emotion" in the case of a white insurance adjuster showing up in his Volkswagen to settle a claim on a black person's Cadillac. "That car could be hundreds of skipped lunches sitting there at the curb, but you could hear the teeth grinding a block away."

If Melania had shown up for that flight wearing the sneakers, the MSM would have complained that she was wearing [Brank X] rather than [Brand Y]. Right?

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