August 31, 2018

McVain... er, McCain again

Dana Mathewson

I know we're trying to say nice things about him -- and by extension, his people. But things like this don't exactly make it easy, do they? This from Tim:

Jeffrey Rendall has a biting piece on McCain at Conservative HQ as well. He states:

"Just as it was in life McCain’s death engendered a heap of controversy over the lasting meaning of his friendships and liaisons with Democrats and his numerous calls for everyone to "work together” regardless of the circumstances."


"But there’s also the sense Democrats heartily believed their tributes to McCain because he was a Republican who seemingly took delight in publicly mauling his intra-party rivals and opponents."


"Democrats loved McCain not so much for his "independence” as his willingness to be the axman turncoat stealthily imbedded and dwelling among their political enemies."


"Despite his success within the GOP McCain was not well-loved by most fellow Republicans – and certainly not by the grassroots. McCain followed a typical pattern every six years (and during his runs for president). He would talk like a conservative, pledge to get tough on illegal immigration and then, when safely returned to the senate, revert back to his old "maverick” self and begin savaging his own kind whenever they disagreed with him. Rumors circulated several times McCain was considering leaving the GOP to become a Democrat too."

End excerpts.

Rendall doesn't bother with some of McCain's other problems, like cheating on his wife with a 24 year old then dumping her for his mistress, or his getting caught in the Keating 5 scandal then creating campaign finance reform to hide his own culpability - a reform that has been used as a bludgeon against Republicans ever since. Or his promises to get tough on illegal aliens then turning around and joining the Gang of Eight to promote a general amnesty (well, actually Jeff does mention that). There are other things, like McCain's endless sucking up to the media on Sunday morning talk shows, his accusations against George W. Bush for "torturing" terrorist suspects with waterboarding or ribald photos (McCain knows that isn't torture from personal experience but it bought him good press.) McCain was at the heart of the "Golden Shower Dossier", having aids obtain and promote the lies against Donald Trump - solely to get back at him for insulting him during the campaign. He chose his running mate - Sarah Palin - to secure Conservative votes then tossed her to the wolves. McCain meddled with the FBI to get his friend off the hook for financial misconduct. The list goes on and on.

He was a man who wouldn't retire even though he was dying, and who actually drove across the country to cast the deciding vote on killing Obamacare, something he claimed to hate, just to screw Trump. His post-mortem letter to the nation was full of backhanded slaps at Trump; even in death he did not fear the Lord or seek to make any sort of amends.

All this adulation of McCain and canonization is disturbing. I will certainly pray for him, and hope his soul finds rest, but I will not praise the man, who was once honorable but sold his soul for good press.

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