November 30, 2016

McConnell and Trump

Daren Jonescu has an analysis of Trump's choice of Mitch McConnell's wife for his cabinet:


Dr. McConnell and Mr. Trump (Part I)

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Welcome to the Mitch McConnell Presidency

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I hate to say "I told you so,” but….

Alright, enough of the false modesty. Let’s start again.

AHEM! What was that I was saying eight months ago about Donald Trump being the Republican Party establishment’s perfect front man in this year of strong challenges to its powerfrom the grassroots conservative movement? A totally unprincipled cipher ready to be jerked around like a marionette by the only people he knows in Washington — the progressive establishmentarians (left and right) — all the while appealing, with his "brash” and "blunt” (read vulgar and moronic)manner to a certain kind ofgrassroots voter, namely oneso blinded by anger against the status quothat he’s ready totake advice from Roger Stone, to find wisdom in Alex Jones, to make excuses for bigots and "nationalists,” and generally to renege on all his former principles in the name of a few cleverbut disingenuousslogans from the mouth of a megalomaniacal blowhard (who happens to be a TV star).

When I looked at Trump’s political donation history, I found that his three biggest beneficiaries since he started donating to Republicans had been Mitch McConnell (up to just a few months before announcing his presidential run), Karl Rove, and John Boehner. The Trump cultists said "Pshaw!”


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