March 23, 2023

Maybe We ARE Alone?

Timothy Birdnow

I think to say they have all wiped themselves out is anthropomorphizing. Aliens are apt to be - alien. They may fight wars - or not. They will probably do things quite differently than do we. Some MAY die out, but others should survive. So where are they?

I think that life is probably extremely rare, and intelligent, technological life even more so. There could be intelligent life in the oceans of alien planets, but we'd never know it as they wouldn't develop our type of technology (lacking fire).

SF writer Gregory Benford wrote about that in Across  the Sea of Suns; sea-based aliens came up on land for a time to make tools and then returned to the sea. This protected them from their flaring red dwarf star too.

Perhaps. But we still see no evidence of them. It could be we are the first, and maybe the only.

Class M red dwarf or class K Orange Yellow stars are older than our sun and we should find aliens around those stars. Strange how we do not.

There Used to Be Aliens in Our Galaxy, but They Killed Themselves Off

The Fermi Paradox was first eloqueted by Enrico Fermi. He pointed out aliens should come at all stages of development and as soon as we had adequate technology to find them we should have been able to do so. He asks "where are they?"  There was the Drake Equations, a rather self-serving piece of work that "proved" statistically they should be there (I think the whole thing was a fudge-factor). So Fermi's idea is called a "paradox".

It presupposes nothing u unusual about Mankind and the Earth. I don't think that is a supposition we can make.

Ever since Galileo the default is to say the Earth is just a garden variety piece of real estate. But the more we learn about the Universe the more wondrous and unique the Earth appears.

Maybe we really ARE alone?

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1 It presupposes nothing u unusual about Mankind and the Earth. I don't think that is a supposition we can make.

Posted by: Audemars Piguet Replica at May 13, 2023 02:30 AM (SUYyh)

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