August 29, 2017

Maybe it isn't all "The Swamp's Fault"

Jack Kemp
Get Ready: Trump, Republicans Preparing to Fail at Tax Reform Next
By Peter Heck | August 29, 2017, 12:00am

It’s somewhat amusing and somewhat infuriating to hear Trump apologists on the right complain about the lackluster Republican leadership in Congress as being responsible for the startling lack of any significant legislative accomplishment in the Trump administration to date. Because, if you will recall, the entire reason Republicans needed to support Trump over his more conservative primary rivals, we were told by these same apologists, was Trump’s uncanny ability to "close the deal.”
Whereas Cruz, Rubio, Walker, or even Carson, would "sell out to the swamp,” Trump would get the job done.
Border wall? Not a brick laid.
Obamacare? Still destroying people’s lives and livelihoods.

And next up on the disappointment tour appears to be the promise to simplify the tax code and reform the oppressive tax burden faced by citizens:

President Donald Trump is planning to kick off one of the most important sales pitches of his presidency this week — getting Americans fired up about rewriting the U.S. tax code. But there’s no plan to sell.

Basic questions remain unanswered. Will the changes be permanent or temporary? How will individual tax brackets be set? What rate will corporations and small businesses pay? Instead of providing details that could help build support for a bill, the president will largely rely on the same talking points he and his advisers have highlighted since January.

Funny thing about getting a deal made – you have to propose a plan or there’s nothing to deal with. One of the most revealing exchanges during the whole primary election debate spectacles was when Senator Marco Rubio challenged Trump to expound upon his healthcare plans. He didn’t have any. He just promised that he would – and they would be spectacular.


Eight years or fifty, the fact is that the philosophical paradigms that animated the Republican and Democrat parties are completely exhausted, both having virtually no bases in reality, and the results have exhibited themselves in two ways: one is capitulation and the other is violence.

The absurdities--insanities, actually--of the Left invite a tyranny the rudderless Republicans have little taste for resisting.

We are in a situation not unlike that of the French Revolution and its progeny of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

I feel an article coming on...

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