April 26, 2019

Lying through his Dentures; Sanders and his Socialist Dreams

Timothy Birdnow

Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh destroys Bernie Sanders' illusions of holly jolly Commies at Canada Free Press.

From the article:

I rode the public transportation system a younger Bernie Sanders praised. The buses were old, rickety, with holes in the floorboard, allowing for choking fumes to come in. The trams, metro trains, trolleybuses, and rusty railroad trains were smelly and filled-to-capacity. Riders were squashed like sardines.

Few could afford to purchase or own cars. It wasn’t just coming up with the money to buy an overpriced domestic vehicle and being placed on the long waiting list for years. It also depended on how well you were scored or regarded by the local Communist Party and the local Economic Police which made sure that nobody owned anything in excess of what they needed in order to be more easily controlled.

Schools gave grades for students’ behavior each semester and parents were chastised publicly in front of other parents if their children behaved in any un-socialist/un-communist way that strayed from the communist party’s collectivist rules of brainwashing.

No matter how you try to repackage socialism, Bernie, or how the liberals controlling the web twist the definition of socialism in order to confuse the useful idiots, in Marxist theory socialism is a transition state between the overthrow of capitalism and the implementation of communism. Democrat socialism is the P.C. definition of a system that robs people of initiative, independence, their worth, their wealth, and their creativity.

Using Nordic countries as examples of successful models of socialism is dishonest if not a flat-out lie. The means of production are not owned by the government in these countries, as is the case under socialism, they are owned by private companies. The government is socialistic in nature as it hands out generous welfare to the masses, welfare derived from heavy taxation of private companies and citizens.

Read teh whole article; Dr. Paugh has first hand experience with what the Sand Man is selling.

Oh, btw; Sanders says he isn't for Soviet style communism. Funny; he went on his honeymoon in the Soviet Union, a place nobody went for pleasure. And he has openly praised the U.S.S.R. in the past. I think the man is lying through his dentures...

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