September 21, 2020

Lying and Cheating

This from Richard Cronin:

The Delaware Democrats rammed thru mail-in ballots legislation in spite of the State House Speaker Pete Schwartzkopf (D) assuring Republicans that he would not do so in the current term. Lying thug. Typical for a Democrat.

From a fellow Delawarean, La Mar Gunn Sr. -

"What all voters in the Delaware primary should be concerned with, is that the Delaware Department of Elections intentionally waived the safeguards that protect against fraud in vote-by-mail and vote-by-email. This convenient lax of the rules was shared with one particular camp and they took full advantage of it. Most troubling after meeting with the DOE for several hours is that the Delaware Department of Elections has zero evidence that residences were verified for regular mail or email voting. Tell me how in one of the most important election cycles this happens? Have a look at the candidates who won the mail/email/

absentee votes by large numbers and you will know where the 22 fake-out began. "As a practical matter, there must be a substantial regulation of elections if they are to be fair and honest and in some sort of order, rather than chaos, is to accompany the democratic process," Storer v. Brown, 415 U.S. 724, 730 (1974) smh

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Five reason why smoking marijuana makes you a better parent

Energy, Marijuana is a very malleable drug, capable of affecting you in different ways. Depending on your mood and the time of day it will produce drastically different reactions. Many people vouch for their morning smoke, claiming that it gives them much more energy than coffee. Sativas are known for producing very energizing and creative highs; take advantage of them.


Be The 'Cool' Parent, For real. Your kids are going to be super proud that their parents are in tune with their youthful side and that they don't care what other parents think. Marijuana will also help you be more relaxed and will give you some perspective for those moments when you're super stressed or angry.

Be Youthful, Marijuana makes you joyful and giggly, which is something that you don't associate with "old people." It also relaxes you and makes you less uptight, which your kids will love. All of these traits will make you a more understanding and welcoming parent, someone who they'll turn to when they need some advice or simply want to have a conversation.

Sleep Peacefully,Sometimes you need to go to bed and sleep like a baby and marijuana is the best option for this, providing manageableside effects and leaving you refreshed and powered up for the next day.

Hobbies Bring People Together,Smoking marijuana can also turn into ahobby, where you learn about the plant and its surrounding culture. Sharing this with your spouse will bring you two together and provide a fun experience that will reverberate through your household.

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