October 17, 2020

Life on Venus?

Timothy Birdnow

Signs of Life on Venus?

Chemical engineer Richard Cronin observes:

Re: Complex biochemicals identified in clouds of Venus.

The linked article describes the source of hydrocarbons coming from volcanic sources. Very plausible in that the CO2 atmosphere of Venus would prevent oxidation. Hydrocarbons are very stable under reducing conditions. The conditions and minerals within all planets can produce hydrocarbons. Methane vents out of Mercury, Pluto, and every planet and major moon in between.

The other mention of the Miller-Urey process is bunkum. Although Venus has lightning, the random nature of the M/U process produces hydrocarbons with equal left/right chirality, while the biochemicals associated with life have a decided left hand bias. That feature is required for your DNA to replicate. The genes themselves are left hand chiral while the outer polysaccharide double helix is right hand chiral. In this manner, the DNA molecule can "unzip” for perfect replication.

Ewald Hejl has described how biochemicals obtain their left hand chirality by forming along the left-handed curve of "fission tracks” — microscopic tracks carved in metamorphic rock caused by the daughter particles spun out of nuclear fission.

This from Tim:

I notice this paper was not peer-reviewed "yet" but they still ran an article about it. Could you imagine if, say, Roy Spencer wrote an article that suggested global warming was natural? Even if peer reviewed it would get no play - or would be trashed. This thing is not yet reviewed. Also, the article says "there might be some biological process going on in the atmosphere of Venus". How? As far as we know you need water for that. There is no water in the Venusian atmosphere

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