February 10, 2019

Liberty's Death by Indifference

Timothy Birdnow

Anyone wonder whatever happened to Sharyl Attkisson? The former CBS reporter had her computer hacked, her e-mail read, and was spied on in general by the Obama Administration. So, whatever happened in her case?

Conservative Hq has the story:

After years without turning over a single document in response to dozens of Attkisson’s subpoenas, the government now argues that her case should be dismissed, in part, because she hasn’t learned the names of the "John Doe” federal agents to insert in the lawsuit; names which only the government knows and has refused to divulge.

In short, the government withheld the names, and now argues the lawsuit should end because Attkisson and her attorneys haven’t learned the names. That effectively prohibits citizens from obtaining justice when government is the lawbreaker.

Appeals Court judges who heard the government’s argument in the case seemed incredulous at that logic, but that doesn’t mean Ms. Attkisson will prevail.

So she can't sue because the government won't give her the names to file against. Cute trick; it would wind a normal American in prison.

But, but, but, the ACLU is on the case, right? Journalism associations are helping her, aren't they?


The article continues:

What is even more remarkable is that Ms. Attkisson has had to go it alone in her battle against government surveillance and intrusion into her computer. None of the big press freedom, freedom of expression or civil liberties organizations have gotten in the fray on her side.

Although Ms. Attkisson’s supporters are bipartisan believers in press freedom and constitutional liberty, the obvious inference one should draw from that is the national press and civil liberties organizations are unwilling to take the case or assist Sharyl Attkisson because it involves wrongdoing by the Obama administration.

And Jeff ZZZessions served out his term without lifting a finger in this case. Nor has anybody else. The Deep State protects it's own.

This used to be America, a place where government could not spy on you without due process and cause. Obama and his henchman,  '70's porn star wannabee  Eric Holder, systematically eradicated our freedoms in their quest to "remake America" into a Soviet republic. They almost succeeded; had Hillary Clinton won we would all be singing the Internationale or finding ourselves in internal exile in a camp in North Dakota or whatnot.

Liberty isn't killed so much as dies of indifference. Sadly, America has become indifferent to the fundamental freedoms that made her what she is. Shame on this country!

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