May 07, 2016

Liberals and Target try to outlaw reality - Dr. Ablow objects

Jack Kemp

When I took freshman logic in college, a long time ago, I formally learned about something called reducto ad absurdum, taking a line of thinking to its logical and absurd possibilities, to show that it made no sense. Nowadays, reducing something to its absurd conclusion is considered a valid proof among liberals. For example, the attorneys for the Menendez brothers, who murdered their parents, actually argued that the jury should have mercy on the sons because they were orphans. In the past, this exact line of "logic" was used by Abraham Lincoln in a joke that he told to illustrate absurdity.

Fox News psychiatrist and medical expert, Dr. Keith Ablow, raised the following points concerning Target's bathroom policy and the wider implications of it to society:

If I maintain that my self-concept is that of a black person (and Rachel Dolezal does so assert, for herself) and I tattoo myself black, head-to-foot, should our culture accept me as a black man?  If I apply to law school as African-American, should I be given any preference that is allowed a minority applicant?

If I maintain that my entire being tells me I am not 54-years-old, but 75-years-old (in my tastes and friendships and energy level), should I be entitled to receive Medicare?  Because attorneys I have asked have told me that case law related to transgender issues would make the argument that I ought to be eligible for Medicare carry weight.

If a 25-year-old man maintains that his maturity level and sense of self make him a 13-year-old, should he be allowed to be involved sexually with "other 13-year-olds?” 


Dr. Ablow also asked, in a video segment on Fox News, if a man can claim to be 13 years old in his mind, can he also avoid registering for the draft at age 18?

Yes, so if what you think you are trumps (you should pardon the expression) reality, all you 25 year olds can now register for Medicare and Social Security and half price train and bus fares. And 25 year olds can scold 75 year old men and women for not giving up their seats to the youngsters because they "feel" they are older.  It makes as much sense as anything else the left is pushing nowadays. I expect to see the first test case soon.   No, I am not making a joke here. We need to take back society to some sane positions - or we won't have a society.

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