January 24, 2017

Liberalism - the Angry God

Timothy Birdnow

The recent violence at the Trump inaugural and the seething hatred at the March of Dames has many scratching their heads at the anger that infects the Left. Conservatives don't get it; how can liberals be so enraged all the time, and so eager to smash things even when they have nothing constructive to replace things with? It's really not that hard.

Conservatives believe in a simple precept, that there is an objective reality created by Naturend Nature's God. WeE are not gods nor do we play them on television. Liberals believe they are. Even the "Religious Left" ultimately sees social justice as the ultimate end of Faith, and as a result they do not believe in the God of the Bible who seeks the salvation of souls, but rather in a social god of forces. The "Christian charity" of liberal religious revolves entirely around social justice and material charity. It seeks to go no deeper than that. In the end the religious left is as Godless as any Marxist, only they co-opt the language of Believers.

If you do not believe in objective reality you believe you can change things simply by an act of will. Nietzche's idea of the Superman had nothing on the modern left. They think reality is malleable, and that by belief and desire they can have that which they seek. The greatest example is the "transgender" issue; if a man wants to be a little girl he can be one by simply ignoring reality and making himself into a girl. Reality is a thing purely of the mind.

That is a violation of the First Commandment; thou Shalt Not have False Gods before Me. Liberals have problems with a few other Commandments; they often do not keep the Sabbath holy, nor do they avoid bearing false witness, and they covet, oh how they covet! They use the law to steal, too, but that's another topic...

At any rate, their whole problem stems from that pesky First Commandment. And being gods or worshipping the Creature rather than the Creator leads one to be quite angry when thwarted. Most pagan gods are perpetually angry.

This stuff has been metastasizing too, as the Left has inched closer to victory but hasn't been able to close the deal with the People. They once owned it all; academia, education, the news media. etc. and they have radically transformed America in their own image. The closer they have come the more they have gotten their hopes up. But just as they seemed on the verge of total victory they lost - and now they realize their advancing victory was always an illusion, something that was never as solid as they believed. They had built ice castles, and now those castles were melting.

See, if you believe this world is all there is you will work for, nay, must have, social justice. If not then life is a cruel, cruel joke. There is something inside Man that dessperately seeks justice, happiness, fairness. We don't get it in this life and never will. (In fact this is a good argument for the existence of God for if we evolved from some primordial slime and were governed by purely mechanistic forces we would never expect a fair shake.) So liberals - be they atheists or Christian liberals - simply cannot face the idea that there is no justice. It is intolerable to live a pointless life and then simply dying with neither joy nor victory. Now the true religious don't sweat it; God will make it right in the end. But we understand that doesn't mean on this Earth. Conservative Christians believe that Earth is but a "momentary light affliction" as Paul so eloquently refered to it. Heaven is what it is really about.

Not so the liberal who must make Heaven here and now. He is desperate to succeed in the limited time alloted him or her. To see the frantic efforts undertaken to "change the world" - even though they usually haven't thought out what it is they are trying to change it to - has failed they despair. And hatred is often the brother of despair.

As it says in the Book of Revelation "Woe unto the inhabitants of the Earth for Satan has come down to you in great wrath, for he knows his time is short."

Yes, it is like that.

And of course they assume their way is unquestionable; gods tend to do that.

So we shouldn't labor so hard to understand the Left's vicious hatred of us and to understand why they are so enraged by the outcome of this election. Were they not acting this way I would be forced to rethink my entire philosophical premise. But they are acting true to form, and they only emphasize the fact that they have enthroned themselves on the godhead, and angry gods they are indeed!

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