August 18, 2021

Latest VAERS Data on Covid Vaccine

Timothy Birdnow

But, but, but, there's no danger from the vaccine! The CDC says so!

That shingles bit at the end interests me; they have been really pushing the shingles vaccine this last year too. Did they know the Covid stab would trigger shingles?

571,830 Total Reports of adverse effects*
* note: Only between 1-10% of adverse events are reported in VAERS

--------------- --
0 - 17 YEARS OLD:
▪︎21 Deaths
▪︎200 Life Threating
▪︎71 Permanently Disabled
18 - 29 YEARS OLD:
▪︎108 Deaths
▪︎726 Life Threating
▪︎919 Permanently Disabled
30 - 49 YEARS OLD
▪︎447 Deaths
▪︎2,565 Life Threating
▪︎3,395 Permanently Disabled
50 - 64 YEARS OLD
▪︎1,141 Deaths
▪︎2,676 Life Threating
▪︎3,015 Permanently Disabled
▪︎6,203 Deaths
▪︎3,599 Life Threating
▪︎2,923 Permanently Disabled
▪︎4,872 Deaths
▪︎3,373 Life Threating
▪︎5,721 Permanently Disabled
--------------- --------------- --
▪︎DEATHS: 12,791
▪︎BELL'S PALSY: 4,461
▪︎SHINGLES: 6,784

Thanks Tom Greer!

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1 Numbers of reactions without number of vaccinations administered doesn't tell us much. That's the same game they play with Covid "cases" and deaths. They cite it either in number of cases or in percentages, whichever will terrify the public.

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11 Bill you can look up the number of vaccinations if you like. None of these numbers matter because VAERS is grossly underreported anyway.

The point is to show that yes there are adverse reactions - lots of them.

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at August 19, 2021 07:20 AM (zGx1e)

12 Sure I can look it up. Just like, when I accused my HOA of lack of transparency due to inadequate reporting in minutes of Board meetings and not publishing financials monthly, their response was that if I wanted to know what happened at meetings I should attend those meetings and that I could request financials if I wanted to read them (and if I thought I could understand them).

If you tell me that by getting a vaccine I will join 12,000 others who had strokes, I’m likely to be alarmed. If you tell me that I will be part of a group where 0.0001% had strokes, not so much.

The burden is not on me to seek the validity and accuracy of information I am reading, it is the responsibility of the person presenting the information .

The presenter is merely showing "that there are large numbers” of reactions? Sure, and transgender activists claim that they represent a "large movement” of the overall population, since there are "several thousand” transgenders among the 320 million people in the US.

Posted by: Bill H at August 19, 2021 09:20 AM (/sW5m)

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