March 08, 2018

Klavan - Contrasts of Left and Right

Dana Mathewson

Andrew Klavan gets it right -- again -- as usual.

Fay Voshell adds:

Well; well. Approval of destruction of careers and smothering free speech because of differing opinions. Now that's bold, even for the Left.

"progressives are getting better and more aggressive at silencing dissenting behavior. All sorts of formerly legitimate opinions have now been deemed beyond the pale on elite campuses. Speakers have been disinvited and careers destroyed... There are a number of formerly popular ideas that can now end your career: the belief that men and women have inherent psychological differences, the belief that marriage is between a man and a woman, opposition to affirmative action."

From Tim:

Look at the rage by the Left toward the black lists of communists back in the '50's. The Left has smeared that era as the epitomy of closed mindedness and oppression of just about everyone because of the black lists, and yet they are joyfully blacklisting anyone who disagrees at all with them. What hypocrisy!

And again Dana:

You ask me, David Brooks is upset because Trump's pants aren't pressed as well as Obama's were. Kinda goes to show just what impresses leftists, as opposed to rightists.

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