April 29, 2018

Ken Bone's Son Suspended for Gun Range Photo on Facebook

Timothy Birdnow

Anyone remember Ken Bone? He was the unassuming man with the handlebar mustache and red Christmas sweater who made a big splash as a panelist of undecideds at the debate between Hillary clinton and Donald Trump at Washington University in St. Louis. Bone seemed to catch the imagination of the public, and Ken Bone halloween costumes were big sellers last year.

WEll, Ken's son was suspended from school briefly for posting a photo of the two of them at a gun range on Facebook.
The Belleville News Democrats states:

"Bone said his son, Logan, who goes to the St. Clair County ROE Safe School in Belleville, was suspended Friday after the elder Bone posted a picture on Twitter of the two of them at a shooting range. In the photo, Logan is shooting a SCAR17 semiautomatic rifle that Bone rented for the day at the range.

Friday afternoon, however, Bone tweeted that his son was cleared to return to school on Monday. "

End excerrpt.

So now a dad can't post a photo of himself with his kid using a legal device at a secure location designed for the purpose.

It appears the suspension was politically motivated. Again from the article:

"Bone’s post with the photo was in response to a tweet from a survivor of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Fla.

The student, Kyle Kashuv, who is against gun-control measures, posted a picture of himself and his father at a gun shooting range. Kashuv said he was then brought into the school security office and "interrogated.”

On Monday, Bone replied to Kashuv’s tweet, which has since been deleted, with the photo with his son.

"Here’s a pic of my son learning to shoot safely under my supervision. Maybe those security guys want to talk to him,” Bone said in the April 23 tweet."

End excerpt.

This was enough to get the kid suspended by the liberal school safety supervisor. OH, and they refered the matter to the Belleville police.

The people teaching America's children belong in remedial school themselves; they are completely lacking in common sense, or are revolutionaries pushing a radical agenda through whatever means necessary.

If this were really about protecting the children then the school would have contacted mr. Bone (who was the poster, not his son) and a friendly chat would have been the end of it. But it is NOT about protecting children but doing what former Attorney General Eric Holder suggested, making guns taboo, something nobody dares even think about. By bringing terrible consequences down on anyone even remotely associated with firearms they hope to create a culture of silence, a gag rule wehre guns are whispered about in dark hushed tones. Then when they seize them nobody will dare protest.

The person responsible for this suspension needs to be fired. It's time we start fighting back against these bullies..

UPDATE: The boy was readmitted by school officials. Frankly, that shouldn't matter, and Bone should pursue legal action against the school for this type of bullying.

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