October 26, 2017

Kelloggs Apologizes for Racist Cereal Box

Timothy Birdnow

Liberals have an enormous chip on their shoulders, and especially minority liberals, who are hunting for racism at every turn. the latest outrage involves Kelloggs Corn Pops.

The back of a Corn Pops box showed frolicking puffs of white corn children with one adult cleaning up their mess. That adult was a bit darker then they, and a Marvel Commie, er, Comics illustrator blew a headgasket, claiming the box eevveel and racist for portraying a minority as a janitor.

I kid you not.

Several points to ponder here.

First, the rest of the pops are naked so the colored guy (we aren't sure if he is black, hispanic, or some other ethnicity) is the only one with any sense.

Second, he is the only one of the pops doing anything productive. Is that a slam at white people? Are they claiming whites are lazy children of privilege? I think they might be saying precisely that.

Third, is it not possible he  is a cocoa puff and not a corn pop? Kelloggs makes both cereals.

Kelloggs is a very liberal company, donating large amounts to liberal groups. Why would they put a racist thing on the back of their cereal anyway?

Modern racialists and snowflakes need to thicken their skins to at least Saran-wrap thickness. Not everyone is out to insult and humiliate them.

These people are nuts.

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