April 18, 2016

Kathleen Parker; Drooling Idiot Champion for Crossdressing Toilets

Brian Birdnow responds to Kathleen Parker, who thinks public restrooms should be open on a purely first come-first serve basis sans any consideration as to your genitalia or chromosomes:


Here is a brief excerpt from Parker:

" Thanks to North Carolina's anti-LGBT legislation (HB2), also referred to as the "bathroom bill," the state effectively has begun redefining itself from its long-popular characterization as a "valley of humility between two mountains of conceit" (South Carolina and Virginia).

The new law, which ludicrously requires transgender people to use the restroom consistent with the sex on their birth certificates, has liberated South Carolina from its persistent place as the brunt of late-night jokes. Remarking on the law, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley said her state doesn't have "that problem." Brava.

The law in question was hurriedly passed last month and signed by North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory in response to what one state official called a restroom free-for-all, referring to sudden hysteria over the possibility of transgender individuals using the "wrong" restroom. How would anyone know? Will officials now post monitors at public restrooms to check birth certificates and human bladder-evacuation portals?

This would be riotously funny if it weren't so patently discriminatory."

End excerpt.

Brian's reply:

Dear Ms. Parker,
In your Washington Post column last week bashing the state of North Carolina for its pending anti-LGBT law you seem to be reaching a point of hysteria rare even for the Post. You caustically mention that "...the new law, which ludicrously requires transgender people to use the restroom consistent with the sex on their birth certificates." May I ask you , why is it considered "ludicrous" by limousine liberals of your set that people should use the public restroom consistent with their born gender? Most right-thinking people would consider this to be the very picture of normality, and not a subject fit for discussion, let alone argument.

You go on to ask, how a state that "...boasts several of the nation's top universities and is home to the famed Research Triangle, could codify what is so plainly a discriminatory law." Perhaps the citizens of North Carolina, despite the leftward drift of our culture, exemplified by the universities and the proliferation of Yuppies in Research and Development positions, have decided that the buck stops at gender as an optional choice. They quite sensibly believe that a person is born male or female.

It is the Washington Post type of thinking that has created the world we live in now, wherein a person can "adopt" gender on a whim, or where a Caucasian can claim to be African-American for professional employment advantage, and can be defended by certain African-Americans when she is caught, because she is said to "self-identify" as "Black." Is this they type of world you really want?

Brian Birdnow
St. Louis, Missouri


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