December 30, 2016

John and Lindsay McHam Meddling with U.S. Foreign Policy

Timothy Birdnow

John McCain and his creepy cracker Lindsay Graham have gone to Estonia with promises of support against the Russians.

Voice of America has the story:

"A leading American senator is telling Baltic state leaders they can count on continued U.S. support from the incoming Donald Trump administration in the event of any Russian aggression.

Sen. John McCain, a member of President-elect Trump's Republican party, also said Tuesday in the Estonian capital, Tallinn, that he does not foresee any easing of sanctions imposed on Russia after its annexation of Crimea in 2014.

"I think the presence of the American troops here in Estonia is a signal that we believe in what Ronald Reagan believed, and that is peace through strength," said the Arizona senator, who is visiting the three Baltic states this week accompanied by fellow Republican senator Lindsey Graham."

End excerpt.

Now why is "Still in Saigon John" McCain overseas interfering with U.S. policy? Why is he slapping the Russian Bear's muzzle?

And bear in mind that McCain, virtually alone among GOP officials, is all on board with the Hillary/Obama fake news claiming the Russians stole the election from Her. Despite a complete lack of evidence - and the fact that the intelligence flacks appointed by Obama have all refused to testify before Congress to give their proof, McCain happily joins the chorus of Democrats in blaming Russia for, oh, I don't know, TELLING THE TRUTH that Hillary so desperately tried to conceal. IF the Russians did the hacking all they did was make known that which the Democrats sought to hide, thus actually allowing Americans to make a more informed choice in the election. What bastards!

This is nothing but an attempt to deligitimitize Donald Trump's Presidency, and mcCain and Graham Cracker are happy to betray their own side.

Frankly, this is teetering on a legal precipice. While President Barack Hussein Obama (peace be upon him!) may be happy to threaten Russia and possibly ignite a nuclear war, Donald Trump is not. He is the guy who really wants a reset, as opposed to the Obillary "reset" that featured cardboard buttons for the Hill to press but little else. Trump has said quite plainly he intends to scale back NATO, since it is primarily funded by the U.S. and serves US very little in a post Soviet era. NATO no longer has a function. It is an alliance without a purpose, having actually achieved it's end. Trump wants to re-evaluate NATO and other things that are part of the post WWII era that need revamping, but too many have vested interests in these institutions and many Internationalists use them to promote their ultimate goal of world government. Trumps reforms threaten the establishment and their whole order. McCain and Graham, by interfering in Estonia just prior to the swearing in of Trump, are dangerously close to violating the Logan Act, which prohibits individuals from conducting foreign policy without approval.

McHam could go there and say they have friends in Congress, but they have no right to promise NATO backing over the objections of the new Administration.

What are they doing? This is more of what we have been seeing from Obama, an attempt to narrow Donald Trump's options, to force him to follow the script written by the Establishementarian elites. McCain, Grahm, and the Democrats are working hand in claw to screw Trump over, in other words.

This is a very serious situation, and as the days wind down it grows more serious. The Russian government is doing civil preparedness drills for it's population, rehabbing old Soviet era nuclear bunkers and getting the public ready to use them. They have been increasingly aggressive in Syria, where we have been at cross-purposes with them. Obama and McCain, by ratcheting up the "Russia stole the election" rhetoric, are pushing us closer to war with Russia than we have ever been in decades. And don't think it would be a cakewalk for us; Russia's nuclear arsenal consists of over 2.000 deployed nuclear weapons (and possibly over 7,000 with weapons that could be deployed easily according to the Federation of American Scientists) and those weapons are new, going back to the last decade. Here is a rundown of Russian nukes, including some new weaponry such as trident-type missiles for subs and the like. They have the RS-24 Yars Intercontinental ballistic missile which can strike anywhere in the U.S. and carry up to ten warheads. The only thing we have comparable is the Minuteman III, which is also hypersonic, but it carries only one warhead and was developed in the 1970's. Our nukes are old, most dating back to the Reagan era buildup. Some still use vaccuum tubes! We keep them shined and polished, but would anyone choose a 40 year old machine for dependability? I don't think so.

We have 4760 nukes, so they may have more than we.

Here is another interesting point:

""Russians love to put missiles on trucks," said Lewis, while the US prefer land-based silos, which present a reliable target and lack mobility. During the height of the Cold War, the US did at one point try a truck-launched ICBM, but US safety and durability requirements far exceeded that of the Russians rendering the platform unreasonable.

"If you look at the truck [the US] built for missiles, it’s ten times more expensive. It's radiation hardened and way less vulnerable," explained Lewis. "We gold plated the thing," he joked."

End excerpt.

Well, the Nazis learned the value of mobile missiles with their V2; Hitler insisted on bunker-based launch platforms against the advice of the weapon's creator, and the Allies were able to wipe those bases out, taking the V2 out of the game. As George Patton said "fixed fortifications are a monument to the stupidity of Man" and one wonders if the same can't be said for nuclear launch facilities that do not move.

At any rate, a nuclear exchange with the Russians would be every bit as devastating as it would have been with the old Soviet Union. OBama, you may remember, killed the Strategic Defense Initiative, refusing to deploy a nuclear shield in Eastern Europe. We are vulnerable.

And the Community Organizer in chief, with his little pet Republicans McHam, are in the process of pushing the Russians to the brink.

Real smart!

If McHam want to protect this country they would get on board with the PEOTUS and help him reassert American authority in the world. But McCain and Graham value their media kudos and their "maverick" status above all else. Sadly, both won re-election when last they were up.

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