December 28, 2015

Jack Cashill turns Kool-Aid Connoisseur

Timothy Birdnow

Jack Cashill turns to the Dark Side.

Here is the offensive quote:

"we cut little slack even to the embattled. People I genuinely admire -- Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Franklin Graham -- have yielded to this pharisaical urge. People I usually respect -- George Will, Bill Kristol, Charles Krauthammer -- pride themselves on their yielding.

It is time to sober up. Barring the unforeseen, America will have survived, just barely, the presidency of Barack Obama. Barring the unforeseen -- mirabile dictu -- the Supreme Court will be in no worse shape in 2017 than it was in 2009. And regardless of what Obama does, the U.S. military will withstand the social tinkering and remain strong for at least another year.

Does anyone believe that America can endure eight more years of Democratic misrule, especially with a gangster as the head of the state? If my choice of terms for Hillary seems harsh, I would ask you to read my book Ron Brown’s Body, whose facts and thesis no one has challenged."

end excerpt.

No, I do not believe we can survive eight more years of Democratic misrule, but I also do not believe we can survive more Republican misrule either. What does Cashill think will happen if we get a pro-amnesty Republican in the White House? What will President Rubio do to America, especially if he retains both houses of Congress under the current leadership? People who could and would oppose President Hillary will be forced to go along with the GOP Establishment dreams of banana Republicanism, and all will be lost in the end as America's electorate becomes Hispanicised. An Establishment President will NOT get rid of Obamacare, will NOT rein in high spending (as George W. Bush failed to do), will NOT encourage low energy costs (as Mr. Bush failed to do), will promote "green" tech, will NOT take women out of combat or oopenly transgendered out of the front lines. And what will we get on SCOTUS? History suggests we'll get another turncoat - like Anthony Kennedy, David Souter, Sandra Day O'Connor, or John "how can I save Obamacare" Roberts. Republican Establishment types have not been our friends where the courts are concerned, so to use that as our critical baseline is foolish.

The reality is, a spy is considered more dangerous than an enemy soldier because he can do more damage by betraying trust. Spied and terrorists are subject to execution precisely because of the dangers of their duplicity, and yet we are supposed to support somebody who will damage our country irrevocably because they can "win" according to the media and the insiders who have a vested interest in maintaining their power.

There is nothing pharisitical (which means hypocritical) about asking for an honest man. Cashill is himself being dishonest calling Limbaugh, for instance, a pharisee; Limbaugh has not condemned Donald Trump, a clearly non "pure" candidate. If it were purity we were seeking Trump would not have the backing of so many conservatives.

No, the issue is sanity. Albert Einstein pointed out that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, and that is precisely what the GOP has done, running the same types of candidates election after election. Bush Sr., Bob Dole, Bush Jr. John McCain, Mitt Romney, all cut from the identical cloth, the people who can "reach across the aisle", the fellows who will "appeal to the moderates" to gain the trust of the "great middle". It never works, except with George W. Bush, who actually lost his first election then squeeked by as a wartime President. And all the while we have been losing ground both in terms of culture and legal matters. Bill Clinton's policy of "don't ask, don't tell" caused a firestorm during his tenure, yet we have now moved to openly gay soldiers and women in combat in just twenty years. The GOP could have and should have repealed DADT as soon as they had the power, but they didn't; they never roll anything back. They couldn't even stop the Democrats from looting Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. They are a huge part of the problem.

It's either death by a thousand papercuts or one quick execution at the hands of the Democrats. In the end it doesn't matter how you die if you are dead.

We no longer have the luxury of incrementalism. America is in a state of emergency and we simply cannot afford a fifty year effort to restore the country. We are hopelessly broke, and the GOPe has just added TWO TRILLION dollars to that bankruptcy. How can you possibly talk about rolling back Obama's excesses when the GOP goes over and above him?

The GOP has refused to roll anything the left has done back. Why does Mr. Cashill think they'll start now?

And the GOP has declared open war on the base, taking steps to win WITHOUT conservative support. The crisis that has been looming for over fifty years in the GOP is now at hand, and until we get our own house in order we cannot expect to to clean up the nation's political mess. IF we hold our noses yet one more time the Establishment will succeed in purging conservatives from any real influence over the direction the GOP takes, and the time has come for us to rein them in. We cannot expect to succeed with Benedict Arnolds handing over our political West Point to the Democrats.

How Cashill cannot see this is beyond me. This is not the hypocrisy of the Pharisee but the desperation of one whose cause is almost lost; we can no longer afford the luxury of a leader who will compromise the country.

George Washington, on hearing that Benedict Arnold had betrayed him, picked out a tree to hang the traitor if and when he was caught. Arnold escaped, but he never was trusted by the British and he died in England in obscurity. And obscruity it was, too; Washington saw to it that it was illegal to write the name Benedict Arnold, going so far as to deny Arnold's ancestors a proper monument on their graves. If Washington took the advice of a Cashill, he would have cut a deal with Arnold, giving the traitor a lesser post because "we needed him".

The GOP is going to have to split; the marriage of big money interests and conservatives has about run it's course. The divorce is caused not by our side, but by the unfaithfulness of the establishment, who prefer to take the Democrats as their lover than their spouse.

Sometimes a bad marriage is worse than no marriage at all.

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