February 27, 2023

Is Trump Too Damaged?

Timothy Birdnow

In a discussion about the upcoming Presidential election, Carlos Velazquez and I had this discussion:


It's a shame. First, they've been hammering at Trump with lies, innuendos, exaggerations, investigations,

hoaxes, lawsuits, etc. for six plus years knowing that it didn't matter if any of it stuck. Folks would eventually tire of the Trump drama. I think it's sadly worked from looking at polls of low information independents. Secondly, Trump seems to have become Trump squared and I honestly don't think that's helping his cause for the reason stated earlier. I will never vote for Biden or any socialist Dem (I know, redundant) and will vote for Trump if that's the choice. But I don't think there's enough of us plus his die-hards, to elect him this time. I do hope I'm wrong.

Tim adds"

Carlos  that does seem to be the prevailing opoinion of the Conservatives these days. I don't know; Trump STILL won more votes than anyone in history in '20. Run someone else and all the excitement dries up, plus you have fresh meat for the DeSantis is the only guy who may actually try to move the ball forward and he's going to run into a buzz saw and we don't know if he can take it. Trump has already been through everything they can throw at him. I agree; the public grew fatigued of the whole drama (which is exactly what was intended.) I remember this is how the media took out Richard Nixon too; the public got sick of the endless drumbeat against Nixon and thought getting him out would end it. It did too, back then, but it won't now. I still think Trump can win if the election is not stolen. But if not at least it further exposes the lengths these people will go to. We could possibly squeek by with a Nikki Haley or a Greg Abbot or someone, but why? They would be another placeholder, and their policies would further damage the Republican brand and cement the RINO class into power. I see no good alternatives to Trump at this point. Of course the Democrats have no good alternatives to Biden either. No doubt they'll try a dark horse, like they did with Obama. Yeah; Trump doesn't do himself any favors doubling down on a lot of this. He needs to pull back a lot, at least during the campaign. BTW much is made of the off-year election and how it's all blamed on Trump. But the Democrats outspent the Republicans ten to one, and the GOP steered much of it's money to RINO candidates in New England and other lost causes. They defunded MAGA candidates who could have won. That was intentional; Rona McDaniels is a RINO, as is Mitch McConnell, nad both want to take back "their" party. I lthink they threw the mid-terms so they could blame it on Trump. Trump was not on the ballot, of course, nor even near any of the levers of power, so it clearly was not a referndum on him. In the end it all comes down to how badly the media has damaged Trump in the minds of voters, and how badly the public wants to end the long national nightmare of Bidenism.

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2 It will indeed Lucie.

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at February 28, 2023 08:19 AM (RbgnK)

3 In a discussion about the upcoming Presidential election, Carlos Velazquez and I had this discussion:

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