November 22, 2023

Iron, Undersea Volcanoes, and Climate

Will Steiner

A letter I wrote to the Union of Concerned Scientists:
Oh, please.
A quantitative analysis:
CO2 makes up but .0004 of the total atmospheric gaseous profile. That is .04 of 1%. Almost nothing.
Humans contribute to that number safely 12% and up to 30%, making it even less. .0004 x .12 = .000048 or .00012 if the 30% is used. Those who say most CO2 is due to humans do not understand the math supported physics. For a starter internal combustion engines are at best 30% efficient.
Then we get to the qualitative analysis:
CO2 resides in four quantum states. In the symmetrical stretching phase it cannot retain heat. In its asymmetrical stretching phase it can retain heat. In its two bending phases it can retain heat but only briefly as it transitions through a symmetrical phase. Hence, as a GHG molecule, CO2 is but 50% effective.
Let's do the math supported physics. .0004 x .30 (the bigger estimate) = .00012. Now .00012 x .50 = .00006
And some AGW are predicting catastrophic climate change due to mankind? LMAO. It didn't happen when CO2 levels were 4000 ppm and certainly is not going to happen now. They are fools.
However, there are significant geophysical changes that are taking place and that are affecting climate from the 10+% weakening in the magnetosphere in the last 150 years to the fact that iron sulfides at the inner mantle are separating into their elemental components with the heavier iron moving towards to core..
I stated in my book written in 2010, a weaker magnetic field allows for a much greater bombardment of high energy particles from the sun causing warming, mostly observed at the poles. Research published in 2013, titled, "The Parameterization of High Energy Particles" affirmed my theory.
The University of California has discovered the iron sulfide problem, so much so, the earth is rotating at a faster rate, changing the definition of a day on the atomic clock.
How does that translate to climate change? A faster spinning top, as well as a faster spinning earth will have lesser polar wobble. That, in turn, causes shorter and less severe winters, mostly in the polar regions with the same effects occurring, only to a lesser degree as we move towards the tropics with no real change occurring in the topics.
And that could be a rather permanent climate change to a warmer earth. How much? We do not know.
Sadly, the Laws of Thermodynamics have been all but ignored in the climate change world. And it's extremely difficult to measure from undersea, as the number of volcanic sea mounts tops 19,000 and the number of volcanic vents tops a hundred thousand. And that's a significant number to be ignored. Very difficult to quantify for an accurate measurement. Models simply do not cut it.
And we have seen an uptick in undersea volcanic activity. Note: Undersea volcanic activity has the OPPOSITE effects on climate as do terrestrial volcanoes. Compare what they release, with lots of water vapor, (using the latest Tonga eruption) the real GHG from undersea volcanoes compared to massive particulate release and sulfur dioxide by terrestrial volcanoes.
Undersea causes warming and terrestrial causes cooling.
And there is nothing we can do about that.

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