June 09, 2018

Iran Admits 911 Involvement

Timothy Birdnow

Iran was working with Al Qaeda during the 011 attacks, senior Iranian officials have have recently admitted.

From the article:

Mohammad-Javad Larijani, an international affairs assistant in the Iran’s judiciary, disclosed in Farsi-language remarks broadcast on Iran’s state-controlled television that Iranian intelligence officials secretly helped provide the al Qaeda attackers with passage and gave them refuge in the Islamic Republic, according to an English translation published by Al Arabiya.

End excerpt.

Iran was and is the principle terrorist masterminds in the Middle East. I never understood the Bush policy in going after Iraq when Iran was clearly the enemy - and the Iranians were the principle financial and military support for the uprising that followed the U.S. invasion of Iraq. For some reason the Bush Administration would not call them out.

I suppose they were afraid of the Russians. They were also probably afraid of spiking oil and gas prices. But their notion of "winning hearts and minds" and creating a stable Middle Eastern country - a sort of Switzerland on the Tigris - was just daft and doomed to failure. You have to cut the head off the snake.

And so now we know the truth, that Iran was our true enemy all along.

It also shows Shia and Sunni will indeed cooperate when it involves infidels. How many times did the "experts" deny this was possible? No wonder the CIA is spying on American citizens; it's the only thing they actually can do effectively.

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