March 28, 2024


Timothy Birdnow

Amen. Back during the Cold War the Soviets send in sleepers to undermine America. They were trained in USA Town, a community as American as apple pie and Marx.

They had it drilled into them that they would live well but the REAL America was an impoverished hellhole,,oppressive and despicable. These folks then came here and labored to undermine America despite the evidence of their own eyess. They were AMERICAN in no small way yet they still didn't believe it. That is the power of brain washing. And now our younger generation is as brainwashed, if not more so, than the old Soviet sleeper agents.

The ingratitude to this land of plenty is astonishing.

A Greg Delany

My wife and I have been fortunate enough to have lived in and traveled to many countries.
My wife endured Socialism in the USSR for the first 25 years of her life.
I worked in the USSR and former Soviet Republics for more than six years and in Iraq for three years.
I have been blessed to have traveled to over 40 other countries as well. I have seen the long lines of people praying to Emigrate to America.
Because, America is the envy of the whole world.
It breaks my heart to see the luckiest people on earth, complain about their conditions, while living in a country of such great prosperity and opportunity.
Every citizen of this great land, has the same opportunities and anyone can achieve their dreams.
We can all change our condition with a little work and self determination.
The sad part is that those born into this paradise, believe they are entitled to the riches of paradise without any investment. We all must use our talents, knowledge and labors.
There are countless millions, living outside of America, willing to change places with anyone who does not love America.
I am willing to trade immigrants who want a better life to get rid of Leftists who hate America and everything she stands for..
We must stand up for our ideals and teach our children how blessed we are to be American!
We must teach the Proud History of America instead of the apologetic history they teach today.
We must stop the Left from emphasizing the negatives as they continue turning people into victims and multi gender perverts and pedophiles.
If you don't like your life.
Don't blame anyone but yourself. You live in the greatest country on earth .
A country that will help you, encourage you, and support your dreams while you work for a life of self reliance and self determination.
President Trump is showing the world the benefits of Free, Fair Trade and Open Markets, Capitalism at its best.
The world is fighting back, because we have supported unfair trade in the past and helped bolster their socialist policy failures, with the US paying the cost to keep them safe, through NATO and the UN.
Support OUR Constitution!
Stop waiting for Government to give you anything or waiting for Government to solve every social issue.
Go out and give of yourself, and bless your neighbors. We are the most generous nation on earth.
We can solve our own issues as soon as Government stops getting in the way. As JFK said, "Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country,”

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