September 30, 2019

Impeachment of Trump over SCOTUS?

Timothy Birdnow

A thought crossed my mind on the impeachment of Donald Trump; do the Democrats even see any POLITICAL advantage?

Specifically, do they actually think they will remove Trump from office/  I suspect they know they can't or won't. I suspect more is happening here.

What? First, they figure they can bloody Trump up a good bit, even if they fail to take him out. Second, they are throwing a Hail Mary pass; they know they have no hope of winning the election with the dwarfs. But I suspect this is so much about the Supreme Court.

I think the Democrats are desperate to stop Trump from getting another SCOTUS pick, and by impeaching him they think they can make the argument that a President under impeachment should not get to appoint a Justice to the Court. They will use this to hold the Court to six members if necessary, thus allowing any hotly contested issue to be decided by lower courts, principally the Ninth Circuit.

The Left is desperate to stop the replacement of Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

As I say, there are some political benefits, but I rather suspect they are willing to risk being turned into a minority party to stop this appointment.

I've never seen such desperation on the part of a political party in my life.

If this fails Mr. Trump should invest in a kevlar suit; they are willing to go that far.

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1 Judicial Watch's Tom Fitton -- an indispensable American citizen if ever there was one -- was on Joe Pags' talk show this afternoon. I didn't hear it but my wife did, and she said Fitton said "Stop calling it impeachment. It's a COUP!"
And the reason the donkeys are trying to take over the government from the president is that they are desperate to keep under wraps the illegal tricks they played to try, in the beginning, to keep him from being elected in the first place. They are terrified that investigations underway in the DOJ under AG Barr will shine the light on them (sunlight is the best disinfectant). They are terrified that dirty tricks they played in Ukraine (yep, it's true) will come to light, because the new government there is on our side, and the reason Trump shifted the communication from "the whistleblower" to a very secure server was to prevent Democrat hands from getting on it, because HIS people are conducting their own investigation into it. Are we not surprised that he doesn't trust anyone else to do the job? Trump is one man alone in Washington; virtually everyman's hand is against him.
But if the Democrats' dirty tricks come to light, THEY are toast and they know it. If Trump survives the coup, the donkey party goes down to ignominious defeat. As Frank Sinatra used to say, "Leave us we could pray." Or something similar.
But it's not even about impeachment anymore, guys. It's a COUP. remember that.

Posted by: Dana Mathewson at September 30, 2019 09:18 PM (XMpNi)

2 Yes, it IS a coup and always has been, since Hillary first started talking about Russian influence in the Trump camp long before the election. They were planning this as "insurance".Peter Strzok was on record saying that.

I agree with Fitton to a large degree; it's about hiding their dirty tricks. But I think it goes beyond that; the dirty tricks were a desperate attempt to keep an outsider out of things in the first place. For decades Washington has been run like a mafia front business, and it doesn't matter which party officially is in power - it is the Democrats who have always run it. The Republicans are window dressing, the guys who are given a little power to make it look like we have a two party system, the guys who are there to be villains in the great show. The GOP has been content with that since Reagan, at least.

Even the lions like Newt Gingrich turned into pussycats, and that I have no doubt is because they were easily blackmailed. I suspect Gingrich had a few skeletons in his closet, for instance.

In fact, I think the whole thing works like "The Firm" where they get dirt on you early and you either toe the line or the drop it on you. Who is going to take that? You either resign or you stay and enjoy the fruits of obedience.

Trump is different; he is a street fighter who doesn't give a damn about his reputation. A guy like that, who can't be bought or bullied, is an existential threat to them.

We are reaching the point where we're going to decide who actually owns this country. I fear there will be a war over this; it's as bad, or worse, than 1860. We know what happened then, It won't be a war between states, though, but a much nastier, more violent, more brutal thing, and everyone will be a combatant.

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at October 01, 2019 06:04 AM (iBt4g)

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