April 13, 2024

The Stalinist FBI

Timothy birdnow

More Abuse of Power by the FBI.

FBI Interrogated Trump’s Valet Driver without Trump’s Knowledge – And Turned Ambush Interview Into Perjury Trap: Court Docs


And yet Mike the teenie little Johnson pushed his caucus to reauthorize FISA which will allow the FBI to continue in this Stalinist abuse of power.

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Yes, Trump Did Call Out the National Guard

Timothy Birdnow


The national guard was in fact approved by Donald Trump to restore order on January 6, top brass will testify, in contradiction to the J6 committee and their lies.

From the Daily Mail:

* D.C. National Guard officers on duty on January 6, 2021 will testify in the House
* Wednesday hearing will examine why National Guard deployment was delayed
* READ: Former Acting Defense Sec. Christopher Miller tells DailyMail.com he felt 'threatened' into silence by the Jan. 6 Committee


Whistleblowers from the Washington D.C. National Guard will tell Congress that Donald Trumpdid want them deployed during the Capitol riot and the Army delayed telling them to mobilize in a bombshell hearing next week.

DailyMail.com can exclusively reveal that at least three officers will appear Wednesday before a House subcommittee to claim their stories were also ignored by the Democrat-led January 6committee, because it didn't fit their narrative.

The hearing will aim to further prove that Acting Defense Secretary at the time Christopher Miller did give advance approval of D.C. National Guard deployment at the direction of then-President Donald Trump.

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They Can Dish it Out but Not Take It

Timothy Birdnow

The ultimate hypocrisy.

Yes, Democrats really ARE complaining about Republican efforts to deny Joe Biden ballot access after having done the very same to Donald Trump.

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Jerome Powell is Woke Tyrant with SaviorCoplex

Timothy Birdnow

Jerome Powell doesn't want to be remembered as a man who protected and helped guide the American economy through hard times. No. He wants to be remembered as the man who held the line against Donald Trump.

I kid you not.

The O'Keefe Media Group (OMG) revealed that the Fed Chair believes it is his solemn duty to save America from MAGA.

Also, he has been heavily involved in using the Fed to promote DEI and other woke causes like global warming.

This has all come out in conversations with Aurel Hizmo, chief economist at the Federal Reserve.

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Deepfake Reichstag Fire

Timothy Birdnow

The Ruling Class is wargaming a Reichstag fire aka a Deepfake crisis.

Practice makes perfect!

They are preparing another nasty surprise to spring on Trump and Middle America.


Deepfake Dilemma war game and other "nonprofits and good-government groups” are actively working to build a nationwide network of "former officials, technology specialists, and others to help local authorities detect deepfakes in real time and respond with accurate information.”

That might be a good thing, if it weren’t for the fact that most of those involved appear to have a strong bias against Donald Trump, raising serious questions about whether they would use a future deepfake event to benefit Joe Biden.

One of the event’s participants was Kathryn Boockvar, a Democrat who served as Pennsylvania’s secretary of state during the 2020 presidential election. Trump’s campaign sued Boockvar’s office in 2020, alleging that the state and local officials violated election law.

Another participant was MSNBC anchor Alex Witt, an outspoken Trump critic.

Further, one of the key groups behind the effort is a nonprofit organization called Issue One. Issue One’s CEO participated in the war game and is also working across the country to develop better "election integrity” laws.

Although Issue One sells itself as "bipartisan,” it has directly opposed Trump on numerous occasions. Many of the Republicans affiliated with the group are openly opposed to Trump as well.

On its website, Issue One bragsthat it "helped lead the congressional push to establish a 9/11-style commission to investigate the January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol.” It also lauds its Count Every Vote initiative, a "campaign to defend the integrity of the 2020 elections.”

Another key figure in the growing deepfake election network is Miles Taylor, an organizerof the March event. Taylor is a rabid opponent of Trump, one who has strong connections to the national security industry. Taylor served as the chief of staff at the Department of Homeland Security during the Trump administration. While still in that position, he anonymously published an infamous op-ed in theNew York Times titled, "I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration.”

In the Times article, Taylor painted a bleak picture of Trump and his motives, routinely hurling insults at his boss while hiding behind his anonymous byline.

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GOP Re-empowers the Left and Tramples the Constitution

Timothy Birdnow

The Republican-led House of Representatives just reauthorized the FISA law allowing our national security apparatus to spy on Americans - and to use it as a weapon against Americans speaking their minds.

We all remember the misuse of FISA during and after the election of 2016 by the FBI and CIA. They pursued President Trump with it for years, and the charges were all lies.

Now Biden has this weapon back in his arsenal. Don't be surprised if some new "blockbuster" doesn't appear as the FBI resumes spying on Mr. Trump and manufacturing fake news to utilize against him.

Time to declare the Speaker seat vacant again.

Mike Johnson is going to have to answer for this, if not in this life then in the next.

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VERY Long Term Interest Rate Trends

Timothy Birdnow

Here is an essay about long-term interest rates - very long term; going back to the 14th century.

The upshot of the argument is that interest rates have been slowly declining over the past eight hundred years and so we shouldn't be alarmed about the current interest rate rise under Joe Biden.

I think this is largely worthless, a case of comparing apples and oranges.

It should come as no surprise that interest rates have declined; Christianity forbade usury prior to the Renaissance and so much less money was available to buy. Jews and Muslims were the only lenders back then.

And also the explosion of the Europeans onto the world scene and colonization meant an explosion of debt, making interest rates cheaper based on high demand (banks became big deals and multiple banks opened to meet said demand.)

This is just another attempt to lull the public into the lethargy that has kept us mired in the same mindset for decades now. Everything is fine, nothing to see here!


As the economist Maurice Obstfeld has pointed out, the result is that they look like mere "blips” from a long-term historical point of view.

To put it another way, modernity triggered an inexorable decline in the long-term price of money, and was doing this well before we started to fret about ultra-low rates in the 21st century.

Why? Previously economists have blamed this on issues such as productivity, demographics and capital flows. Ben Bernanke, former Fed governor, famously pointed to a savings glut in China and elsewhere, while Summers worries about an era of secular stagnation.

However, even more interesting (and counter-intuitive) is Rogoff et al’s failure to find a statistical correlation between real rates and fundamental economic trends. That might reflect the limitations of their data, but the trio offer another explanation. The real reason, they say, for falling borrowing costs is not economic shifts, but an issue economists often ignore — the nature of finance. A combination of modern capital markets, risk analysis and innovation around using collateral to back loans has made money more efficient.

Proving this is hard, but the idea rings true to me. Call this the "against the gods” effect, to cite Peter Bernstein’s seminal book of the same name. A key distinction between modern and premodern societies is that innovations ranging from double-entry book keeping to computers have left us believing that we can predict, manage and price future risks, without relying on gods, as our ancestors did.

In reality, this confidence is all too often misplaced. But justified or not, the cultural shift that accompanied it has made money more abundant and fluid, thus cutting its cost. This is good news.

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And No One Marched

Jim Church

Over 8,000 Christians were openly slaughtered by Muslims in Nigeria in 2023 but no one is maeching in the streets over that. Over 10,000 Yazidi women and girls were kidnapped, raped, tortured and forced to ‘marry’ ISIS Muslims and no one marched. Over 2700 are still being held. No one marches in the streets. The hypocrisy in the West is beyond belief. The world’s media pick and choose the winners…and as a result deservedly choose their own demise too.

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Terrorists in America

Diane Kimura

Home grown terrorists and more entering the US through Biden’s open borders. It is not if, but when will people die from a major terrorist attack?
May be an image of map and text

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April 12, 2024

Trans Chic

James Doogue

Celebrities Trans Kids Have Become Accessories To Demonstrate How Tolerant And Accepting The Celebs Are.

In this video Paul Joseph Watson provided a seemingly endless list of mainly female celebrities proudly strutting about with their transgender or non binary children. https://youtu.be/WNl-oTf-O70?si=jwPgIhRIxfYP1AgA

The short video is worth a watch, it is truly shocking.

Jordan Petersen points out the chances of one woman having three boys who are genuine transgender females is about 1 in 27 billion.

The fact that Megan Fox actually said that when she was pregnant, she 'felt' her son might be transgender might be a hint that parents are helping influence their children's gender dismorphia.

Through the ages, mostly women, have willingly done incredibly harmful things to their bodies to make themselves feel more appealing to men.

Chinese feet binding and deforming body corsets are just a couple of examples. Of course the 'patriarchy' are blamed for these activities which would only have been possible with the willing compliance of the girl's mother's.

In the 1960's models became tall and slim. The curvy looks of Marilyn Munroe were out, and gaunt boyish slim hip looks like Twiggy was seen more and more on the catwalk.

It didn't help that it was also the time when women's fashions became much more revealing from miniskirts to bikinis and sheer tight clothes. Every slight body bump became conspicuous.

In the 1970's 80's and 90's we'd see girls almost starve themselves to death to achieve what they thought was the ideal figure. Anorexia and bulimia became widely known conditions. It was discovered that these eating disorders belong to the broad category of self-harming behaviours which can be acquired in a social learning process of imitation, identification and competition.

It was recognised that group therapy could lead to worse outcomes for girls who shared their tricks and competitively resisted treatment. They found a level of infamy they hadn't experienced before and mobile phones and personal computers expanded their reach and competition.

Clearly the same contagion is happening with children and gender identity today, but on a much greater scale, and parents are joining in.

To make matters worse, many education departments and health services have adopted a positive affirmation approach. This means that any child who starts questioning their gender identity is told they might be transgender and is encouraged to explore that.

Parents can be excluded from the process. One day their son can come home and announce he is a girl and tell them he's already started transitioning at school.

If the parents object to the process or even if they refuse to refer to 'her' with the female name their son has chosen, they can be charged with a hate crime.

Some places around the world rush to administer puberty blockers and hormones straight away, so that the children will not develop the way their biological self would.

In one long term study of children who had gender dysphoria nearly 90% had 'grown out of it' in adulthood. They were happy with their biological gender.

'The latest follow-up study of boys experiencing gender dysphoria (Singh, Bradley, Zucker, 2021) shows the same result as the earlier studies:

"Of the 139 participants, 17 (12.2%) were classified as persisters and the remaining 122 (87.8%) were classified as desisters.”'

A cautionary tale for those who advocate irreversible treatments on children who question their gender.

Most children grow out of their gender dysphoria as they reach adolescence. Social transitions and/or puberty blockers are frequently used to ameliorate symptoms in these children. However, the long-term psychological impact of these therapeutic strategies on children is unknown. Therapeutic approaches for children with gender dysphoria are not evidence based and long-term outcome studies are urgently needed in this area.

What I really fail to understand is why we are supposed to accept the idea from a child, that they were born in the wrong body. A child is not able to give consent to sex. They can't own anything which requires a licence. They can't legally drink alcohol, but we're supposed to accept at face value they want to make life changing decisions about their body?

I hope this madness ends soon and we can look back on it and laugh at how idiotic those famous celebrities were.

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Robert Fenton Gary

Two things we know ---

1. Companies really want to make money.

2. No company is organized as a "democracy" --- they are all top-down command structures, like the Army, or Navy.

If democracy really worked so wonderfully well as a format to organize people for success, companies would use it.

It doesn't.

So, they don't.

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Fudge Factor

John Lees

Nobody knows the precise average global temperature of 1880.
People who pretend to have pinned this figure down to a fraction of one degree are either liars or fools. There was almost zero coverage, in terms of precision temperature monitoring for 95% of the globe. Entire continents had zero temperature monitoring stations. The only regions with decent coverage - were Europe and the U.S.

May be an image of map and text that says 'Station Coverage- 1885 TrueAverage True Average• Estimated Estim ated Average'

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The Medical Marxists

Diane Kimura

We Are About To Lose Our Medical Sovereignty To The World Health Organization, The Vote Takes Place Behind Closed Doors.

"The political declaration on pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response. In May 2024, 194 member states of the WHO will have their final vote on both of these international agreements. This process takes place behind closed doors”

"It is not reported nor discussed in our newspapers, in our national parliaments, in universities, nor in society. The WHO claims in these two legal instruments, an absolute and and nonquestionable leadership in all health matters as soon as WHO refers itself to pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response”

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Carlos F Velázquez

FBI director Christopher Wray says the FBI expects an ISIS or al-Queda attack on U.S. soil sooner or later. I say probably sooner as a result of all the unknown foreign nationals Biden has allowed to invade through the Southern border.

He also says: "The Chinese cyber program is larger than any other governments' programs, Wray said, adding that it outnumbers the United States' 50 to one. The country's Chinese cyber threat and "mafia-like" tactics make it particularly worrisome, he added."

Please don't take this to imply that I support their spying on American citizens.

Foreign terrorists targeting US 'increasingly concerning': FBI director

A word from Tim:

Sooner.Possibly before the election to influence events. Generally Americans rally around the president in times of war and would probably re-elect Joe Biden. Or that at least is what I suspect a terrorist group would believe.

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April 11, 2024

Inflation Contagion

Steven Chase

Inflation rose for the past 4 months; the last Fed rate increase (to combat inflation) was 10 months ago. They should have raised consistently. (Disclaimer: personally, I lose money with every rate increase). All this inflation is caused by two (and only two) factors: The shutdown of productive society during Covid, and the dumping of 6 Trillion dollars into our money system. (By the Congress, enabled by the Fed).
Consider that BOTH factors were STRONGLY supported by Democrats, with GOP caving in, as usual.
Who championed the rigorous devastating lock-downs?
Who favored the printing of 'stimulus' amounting to a 40% increase in our money supply?
Think carefully about this next election.

Gasoline: 47.8%
Groceries: +21.1%
Eating out: +21.4%
Baby food: +30.5%
Pet food: +23.7%
Rent: +20.9%
Electricity: +28.3%
Natural gas: +26.9%
Used cars: +20.9%
Air fare: +32.7%
Public transportation: +22.2%
Real average weekly earnings: -3.9%

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Illegals Taking Over

Timothy Birdnow

I was talking to my buddy 7lb. Dave yesterday and he was telling me about something quite disturbing. He had been in Sullivan Missouri to watch the eclipse at a friend's country home and had seen all these Asian folks down at the river, huddled under tarps. Mark, the land owner, said they were always there in groups of 30 or more fishing with nets.

Now I suspect it is illegal to fish with nets in the Meramec, a protected river. They will fish the river clean out if this continues. (Apparently you cannet fish for shad but nothing else.)

There apparently are a number of such groups. They also had a skull planted on a stick in the ground, probably some sort of religious symbol.

What is happening here? I suspect these are illegals who simply wandered up into Missouri and are squatting on the land, living much as they did in the old country.

This is what is happening to America. We are being overrun by the Third World, and this is going to become a common sight.

Sadly the State of Missouri is apparently taking no action. Governor Mike Parsons is probably a decent man,but he's blind and childish in his views. He's a born-again Christian without wisdom, alas, and he already had threatened to veto a bill to stop the illegals from coming here. No doubt he thinks we have a Christian duty to take in invaders and freeloaders.

I suspect Parsons has issued orders to leave these folks be and let them suck all the fish out of a once-great sport fishing river.

And if not he's frightened of the Biden Administration.

We have to do something and very, very soon or we will lose America.

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NPR Editor CallsOut Public Radio for Bias

Timothy Birdnow

A senior NPR editor just blasted his own network for left-wing bias.

He's been with them for years and is still with them. But he's forced to do this becausehe realizes they have lost all credibility.

It's BAD when one of their own has to admit they are no better than Pravda was.

I a scathing rebuke of the "groupthink" of NPR journalists, Senior Editor Uri Berliner warned that they had lost the public trust. He showed that statistically a huge majority of NPR writers and editors were registered Democrats and wrote their news with that bias. As if we didn't already know.

I had my 15 minutes of fame when I wrote about PBS altering a transcript of an Obama gaffe years ago; got allsorts of attention both from conservatives and from the Left, who were desperate to defend their guy. They twisted and squirmed to deny what had happened. PBS put a notification after the fact saying "as prepared" but that's not how it was shown in the morning. They tried to claim it was just carelessness on their part. Strange how such carelessness never seems to hurt Democrats.

But it's gotten much worse since then. Bad enough that the radio equivalent of PBS has to have a senior editor call them out.

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O.J. Goes Away


Hell has reclaimed one of it's own.

OJ Simpson, former football star acquitted of murder, dies at 76

The Juice is a deuce.

Yes, the former football star and acquitted murderer has run his last yard, driven his last mile in a slow speed chase, is now food for worms.

At  this stage few will miss him I suspect.

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Walk Like an Eclypstan

Timothy Birdnow

So the wife and I planned a trip to see the eclipse (we saw it back in '17 but wanted to catch it again) and there was no room at the inn - or any inn. We started trying to plan this thing eight months ago and were at the point of giving up when a motel down in the little town of Pilot Knob (where there had been a big Civil War battle long ago) and this was in the zone of totality so we loaded up the truck and we moved to Pilot Knob (kind of a reverse of the Beverly Hillbillies.)

I had wanted to go to my cabin, which was in the totality zone and in fact in the best part of it. But it's still a mess and without power or water my poor wife, who is disabled, simply would have to stay home.
So a motel in the beautiful Arcadia valley had to suffice.

My plan was to drive down to Van Buren, in the sweet spot, then drive back up to the motel (about an hour away). It didn't pan out that way.

Everybody in America decided to go there too.

I eschewed the interstate because of reports of traffic snarls but it did me no good. We rode the broke the entire way, rarely getting above 35 mph and stopping frequently. It should only have taken two hours but it wound up taking five. At one point I had to stop to use the bathroom and there were eight other road warriors - obviously more folks from St. Louis - waiting to go. This in a little one horse town by the roadside.

It soon became obvious my plan of going to Van Buren wasn't going to fly. Frankly, I wished I could fly myself before long. My legs were cramping from the endless gas to brake to gas cycle. My eyes felt like boiled onions which had been left on way too long from watching the taillights ahead coming on and going off in an endless cycle.

After hours of driving we came to the quaint little French town of Caledonia (one of the oldest towns in Missouri) and it looked like the battlefield at Fort Davidson I mentioned earlier at the peak of combat; people EVERYWHERE! I pressed on, hoping to get to our motel before the event began; time was growing short.

We didn't make it; we reached Elephant Rocks state park and the cops had the parking lot closed. It looked like the Biblical description of Armageddon, with every people, race, and tongue being present. But there had been a patch of roadside available facing north so I turned around and grabbed that. Got out the lawn chairs and Cath and I were just in time for the big show.

It was quite inspirational. I can see how ancient peoples would think it some sort of angry display from whatever gods they worshipped.

I made the mistake of taking off my glasses thinking we'd hit totality and one amazing starburst ray was visible (and unfortunately hit my battered eyeballs for a moment before I could tear them away.) Then it was as if someone used a dimmer switch and turned the light off.

Truly an amazing sight!

As soon as it was over everyone got in their cars and left without ceremony. We turned around and drove into Pilot Knob (the opposite direction from the crowd) without incident, and settled into our motel room.

This little country motel was jammed full and we tried to get food from the restaurant on site. They were running out of EVERYTHING. No salad, many of the other things out as well. We took the food we were able to get back to our room and ate it there.

The rest of the trip was rather disappointing. We explored a bit but found nothing really to do the next day. It was raining non-stop the whole time. I was looking for a winery that was supposed to be somewhere around there but never did find it.

The bad thing is we were fairly far away from our room and I developed double vision. I had to drive that way! It always looked like there were two cars coming and one was passing the other in my lane. I'd describe how it feels for you but I think you have an idea; like riding a rollercoaster that might fly off the rails at any moment.

I don't know if the double vision was caused by fatigue (I had pushed them very hard) or the momentary sunlight but whatever it was it mainly troubled me on the road. Went away once I got out of the car for a while.

So we spent the rest of our second day watching television and listening to the rain and waiting for my double vision to subside.

I also had not one but four blood sugar crashes in those two days. I'm diabetic and take insulin and it's a fairly dangerous thing to crash like that. I kept drinking Dr. Pepper (which was available from the soda machine by our room) and I would come back but go down again. Spent the whole trip eating sugar I didn't want.

Next morning I awoke and my back was out too. I've gotten used to sleeping in an easy chair and a bed is just too flat. This one was too soft too. I was hunched over worse than Quasimodo, in the shape of a question mark.

So we spent the morning packing and waiting for my double vision to clear and my back to unwind itself and hoping my glucose levels didn't tank.

The drive home was also rather perilous; it was raining, mostly a heavy soaking rain, and at one point we hit a fog bank that was thicker than the current POTUS. I needed a fog horn! Fortunately for me I had been getting lots of practice driving without that pesky sense of vision the last few days! Cathy sat silently next to me, reciting the Rosary in mortal fear. But we made it home alive, so what the heck!

I'm glad we did this even if it was a brutal trip. I sincerely doubt we'll be alive for the next eclipse.

But it illustrated to me the fact that that SOB Old Man Time is catching up with us. It's sad to admit it but I fear we aren't much able to do these kinds of things any longer.

At least my vision has returned to normal. And I slept quite well last night in my Lazyboy.

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