June 24, 2021

If Trump Wins Audits Will That End the Electoral College?

Timothy Birdnow

A short Facebook discussion which may play out in the coming months.

Anthony Watts said:

I'll probably get banned from FB for posting this, but it is a valid question.

What Happens if the Election Audits Go Trump's Way

I replied:

What will happen is the media won't report it, and they will find some big blockbuster story to drown out any traction it gets. I don't doubt they'll try to find some sort of dubious claim Trump tried to steal the election somehow. If worse comes to worse there's always a war to start. And what will happen if it does come out this was a stolen election? Well, the Electoral College placed their vote, and I imagine SCOTUS will rule that the vote in the College is all that matters here (to avoid civil war). I just don't see this thing doing anything but perhaps sending a couple of low-level people to jail. We don't have a republic anymore; we have an oligarchy.

David Redfern replied to my comment:

As you know, my fear is that the EC will be perceived as illegitimate altogether and 70m+ Trump voters will get very upset.

Maybe that's the plan. Democrats hate the EC in the same way labour voters in the UK hate the First Past The Post system here.

And from me:

That is a great point David and no doubt they would take this very step if push comes to shove. Of course without the EC the big states would own America lock-stock-and barrel.

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1 Everyone is saying they can't predict what WILL happen, and I agree with that sentiment. What WON'T happen is the Biden Administration being dissolved and Trump put back in. There's no Constitutional procedure for that, and anything else would constitute a coup. Biden/Harris would just have to soldier on under a significant cloud, larger than the one they're under already.

What SHOULD happen is that the people responsible for the fraud be identified and imprisoned. If possible. There's a school of thought that China hacked the voting, and I believe that is true too. But how to punish China? Stop buying iPhones?

Posted by: Dana Mathewson at June 24, 2021 10:01 AM (usxcn)

2 I agree with all of that Dana. Trump is not going to be put into office, nor Biden's actions declared null and void. There won't even be an apology to Trump as the media won't allow Trump one single victory; he is now a non-person.

Notice too how a gang of Democrat New York judges just pulled Rudy Giulliani's law license for the "insurrection"? They are going to go after all of Trump's people to make sure nobody will work for him should he try to run again - and to make sure everyone sees that crossing the Ruling Class is political and professional death.

America is looking more and more like East Germany.

I'm afraid we are at the point of no return in America. It's either partition the country or we all go down.

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at June 25, 2021 06:56 AM (uRwTJ)

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