May 28, 2017

I struck a chord with Americans supporting Dr. Ben Carson's statements

Jack Kemp

Yesterday Amer. Thinker editor Thomas Lifson wrote a blog piece entitled "‘Intense backlash’ proves the truth of Ben Carson: poverty ‘a state of mind’ that obviously supported Dr. Carson's recent remarks.

I wrote a comment to this piece, my comment being an expansion on a comment that I've previously written in reply to other articles and blog pieces. I think it is worth noting here because in one day this comment has gotten a high number of upvotes, a total of 40 so far, which is way above average for my comments. This indicates that readers were strongly supporting my remarks.

My comment:

JackKemp • a day ago
A few years ago, I got into a discussion with a young man in his 20s who believed the excuse that it was "racist" or too difficult to make Spanish speakers learn English and that was keeping them in poverty. I told him about the late Joey Vento, an immigrant from Italy who spoke no English when he came to America and later became a store owner and local political figure in Philadelphia. I also told him that I came from Europe (where, coincidently, many people speak three or four languages) and I did not speak a word of English until I reached kindergarten, where I picked it up without any special classes. He just stared at me. In fact, he didn't even ask me what language I orignally spoke before English (it was Yiddish). I don't recall if I told him that my parents spoke virtually no English when they came to the U.S. (they, like most Europeans, spoke three other languages already). But here was a young skull full of mush that was probably repeating the excuses he learned in high school and college for people that didn't want to make the effort to learn English and he was thus indirectly saying that they were forced to be poor all their lives. Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon, worked at McDonald's as a young man. He didn't consider that a dead end job that defined his future. And the young Jimmy Hoffa worked on the loading dock at Krogers - he also didn't make excuses and consider that a dead end job that defined his future.

Dr. Ben Carson is right.

And I'll add one reply to my comment:

Galenical replies to JackKemp • 15 hours ago
THE three things*** needed for success in life (per Ben Shapiro and many others):

Graduate from high school.

Work very hard.

Don't make babies until you are married (assuming a monogamous life!).

You will then live the dream.

***I would add a fourth : Live within your means (Avoid the use of credit cards and don't buy new cars or any other thing you cannot afford)


Thanks Jack; great points!

Tim Allan's "last Man Standing" may feature a conservative Allan but it so often promotes the liberal viewpoint. In one episode I just saw Allan was telling his Basque business partner (Hector Elizondo) that immigrants need to learn English and assimilate, to which Elizonda replied "it takes a while to assimilate>) Really? I know Bosnians who came here in the '90's who are more American than second or third generation Hispanics. You have to WANT to assimilate.

Just as you and your family did.

Academia created the notion of Multicullturalism, which was the idea that we could have multiple cultures living in the same space, a sort of Austro-Hungarian Empire. It was promoted as a salad rather than a soup. Well, it clearly doesn't work, but these fools keep promoting it nonetheless. If it worked the Hapsburgs would still rule central Europe.

No such empire works. History is full of them, and they all die because when push comes to shove the people don't hang together. Why did the Chinese Empire last until the 20th century while Rome, a contemporary, collapsed in 476? The Chinese absorbed everyone into their culture while the Romans did not. It really was that simple. The chinese had a cultural soup, the Romans a salad. Lettuce wilts, while the well cooked soup takes weeks to go bad.

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