May 30, 2021

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Poulation Bomb

Jim Church

Nearly 50 years ago, the book "Population Bomb" by Paul Ehrlich, a Stanford biologist, prophesied that the "battle to feed all of humanity" was over, and that the rapid growth in population would lead to environmental catastrophe and wipe out hundreds of millions of people. I well remember reading the book and being a good farm boy and knowing that food production, contrary to the doom sayings of Ehrlich, was advancing more than enough to feed everyone. Distribution and political interference was more an issue than production.

But the world fell for Ehrlich’s false prophecies and lies — lies repeated on the first Earth Day, and by countless others ever since. For the past 50 years apocalyptic doom predictions by climate alarmists have proven utterly false but because the media, and now academia, have been compromised, the world, instead of rejecting these charlatans out of hand, continue to be deliberately gaslighted by them! We are told to "believe the experts” or "the science” but when honest scientists point out the glaring errors and contradictory predictions they are censored, fired, shut down, demeaned, smeared and so on. Their science and the carefully considered observations of history are ignored in favour of "the big lie”! What dupes we have become!

The fact is that great advances, made largely possible by the use of cheap energy generated by fossil fuels, advances in areas like food production, health care advances, transportation, medical breakthroughs, mechanization of labour, etc. & etc. have not only fed the world, but lowered death rates, massively improved infant and adult health, made widespread education available (because not as much time needs to be devoted to production of food and other life-sustaining necessities), lowered poverty rates around the world, and so on. By ANY metric the human condition has improved immeasurably since the introduction of fossil fuels some 200 years ago. Back then 90% of the world was reasonably deemed "poor” and life was hardscrabble. Today the UN admits that less than 10% are what they deem in abject poverty.

But today, instead of rejecting the doomsayers like Ehrlich of the world the media, the politicians, academics, and even the UN are embracing them! We totally ignore the great benefits afforded us, we ignore the great advances we have made, we turn our backs upon one of the main drivers (fossil fuels) which has made all this possible, and we embrace failed ideas, failed ideologies, technologies which cannot —EVER— replace fossil fuels and which will make EVERYTHING not only unreliable but horrendously expensive, and therefore out of reach of great masses of humanity. This will plunge most back into mere existence living and will condemn many, many more to death sooner than later. And wasn’t this what Ehrlich was calling for? Because indeed he was! Only he was advocating mass sterilization. But the end result is the same. Population control.

The virtual deification of this apocalyptic ideology has come full circle and will get its wish if people of common sense do not rise up in revolt before we are all destroyed.

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