July 19, 2019

Hot Summer Weather "Proves" Climate change?

Timothy Birdnow

Hew Boy!

Climate crisis: extremely hot days could double in US, study shows

Now, it has been pretty cool all summer here in the States, and now we are approaching hundred degree temperatures - in the hottest part of the summer - and we're being told it's proof of doomsday. In point of fact we are not even close to temperature records (except maybe a daily, which happens on a regular basis.)

Weather is not climate, too. But these dimwits refuse to admit that.

Of course, if it were cold they would be saying the exact same thing.

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1 Frankly, being the skeptical old so-and-so that I've been from a frighteningly early age, I'd say that hot summer weather proves... weather. I grew up (well, that's probably arguable) in Western New York a few miles from the shores of Lake Erie, and childhood summers were quite warm. One could easily haul oneself to beaches of the lake and swim comfortably during the summer.
In those days I lived in an ancient (excitingly so) house (it was, in fact, 100 years old!) which had no vistiges of air conditioning -- if all the windows were opened and there was enough breeze, that was the best we could get. (Heating it in the winter was another story.) For awhile I picked a bedroom with a western exposure and it worked pretty well. There being nothing resembling AC available in those years, we all soldiered through it. Global Warming? We would have shown you some huge laughs! It was a matter of... deal with it, wimps.
I still dream about that house, sometimes -- favorably! We finally sold it. I have no interest in going to see what the buyers may have done to it.

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