April 26, 2018

Hillary, Dems Huge Campaign Finance Crime

Timothy Birdnow

The Clinton campaign illegally laundered $84 million dollars in illegal campaign contributions according to The Federalist.

A lawsuit filed in D.C. District Court alleges that FEC records show the Democrats didn't just break campaign finance law, they ground it into fine powder. From the article: "Dan Backer, a campaign-finance lawyer and attorney-of-record in the lawsuit, explained the underlying law in an article for Investor’s Business Daily:Under federal law, "an individual donor can contribute $2,700 to any candidate, $10,000 to any state party committee, and (during the 2016 cycle) $33,400 to a national party’s main account. These groups can all get together and take a single check from a donor for the sum of those contribution limits—it’s legal because the donor cannot exceed the base limit for any one recipient. And state parties can make unlimited transfer to their national party.”

This legal loophole allows "bundlers” to raise large sums of money from wealthy donors—more than $400,000 at a time—filtering the funds to the national committees. Democrats and Republicans alike exploit this tactic. But once the money reaches the national committees, other limits apply.

Suspecting the DNC had exceeded those limits, a client of Backer’s, the Committee to Defend the President, began reviewing FEC filings to determine whether there was excessive coordination between the DNC and Clinton. What Backer discovered, as he explained in an interview, was much worse. There was "extensive evidence in the Democrats’ own FEC reports, when coupled with their own public statements that demonstrated massive straw man contributions papered through the state parties, to the DNC, and then directly to Clinton’s campaign—in clear violation of federal campaign-finance law.”

End excerpt.

This should come as no surprise to us as the Clintons have done this sort of dirty work for decades. Remember Charlie Trie and the Chinese and James Riady's Indonesian money laundered into the Clinton re-election campaign of 1996?

The article continues:

"During the 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton, the DNC, and participating state Democratic committees established the Hillary Victory Fund (HVF) as a joint fundraising committee to accept contributions from large donors, some exceeding $400,000. So far, so good. To comply with campaign finance law, the HVF needed to transfer the donations to the specified recipients, whether the Clinton campaign, down-ticket Democrats, the DNC, or state committees.

FEC records, however, show several large contributions reported as received by the HVF and the same amount on the same day (or occasionally the following day) recorded as received by the DNC from a state Democratic committee, but without the state Democratic committee ever reporting the contribution.

For instance, the HVF reported transferring $19,500 to the Mississippi Democratic Party on November 2, 2015, and the Democratic National Committee reported receiving $19,500 from the Mississippi Democratic Party on November 2, 2015. But the Mississippi Democratic Party never recorded the receipt or the disbursement of the $19,500, and without the Mississippi Democratic Party controlling the funds, the HVF’s contribution to the DNC violated campaign finance law.

Over a 13-month period, FEC records show some 30 separate occasions when the HVF transferred contributions totaling more than $10 million to the DNC without any corresponding record of the receipt or disbursement from the state parties, thus illegally leap-frogging the state Democratic parties."

End excerpt.

This is just the tip of the iceberg; you have to read the entire article to understand what dirty business Her Buyness indulged.

One thing that has to be understood is that Hillary Clinton had a deal whereby she controlled all the money at the national level for the Democratic Party. And Hillary was ransacking the party cash, leaving it nearly insolvent (which is why they are now trying to sue Donald Trump for the supposed "hack" of their servers, allegedly by Russians; they are broke and desperate for money.) The Clintons seem to have this happen all the time. Once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, third time is a trend.

The FEC, when a complaint is filed, is by law obliged to investigate. When this violation was reported to them they did nothing, zip, nada. No doubt they, like most of the Left, figured Trump would be gone and the problem would go away. And the way this works is that there are six commissioners and four have to vote to start such an investigation. By law the commissioners must be paired, that is, for every Democrat there must be a Reopublican. But two seats are vacant and the Democrats have sat on their thumbs. Why? Because, more than likely, they knew they were going to break the law and didn't want the Commission to have a quorum.

As usual, they had dirty tricks up their sleeves.

The Clintons have gotten away with near murder (ahem) since their days in Arkansas, and as any good detective knows, eventually the killer gets cocky and makes a mistake. It may well be Hillary has made the mother of all mistakes (MOAM) and maybe, just maybe, "Lock Her UP' will become a reality.

At the very least the machine the Democrats hoped to have in place to give them an eternal policial empire has failed. That alone is worthwhile.

It's well past time the Clinton syndicate face the music.

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