January 25, 2017

Hillary Stassen

by Jack Kemp

The Daily Mail
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4156564/Hillary-television-groundwork-White-House-run.html reports that Hillary Clinton is interested in running for President again in 2020, copying both Harrold Stassen, the Minnesota Republican who ran several times for President, and also Donald Trump by warming to the idea of her own television show.

The first photo of her in this article shows the face of a very troubled person. Let's consider some of her other problems. She most resembles the crazy aunt in the basement that Ross Perot used to talk about.

Hillary would be 73 years old during the 2020 campaign. She did not have the stamina to appear in public that often durning the 2016 campaign, so how will she have the energy to do better in 2020? Perhaps even a better question is where will Hillary get the stamina to plan and do a television show? I guess she can sit in a chair most of the time but still it is physical hard work and would require some personality. To prove that she isn't "ready for prime time," Hillary recently made a public joke insulting to blacks about "c.p. time" with New York Mayor de Blasio which enraged many voters and reinforced the fact that this woman has one of the most politically tin ears of anyone in America. You can watch this gaffe at http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/video/de-blasio-jokes-cp-time-hillary-clinton-38327656; I guess she thought she would hurt de Blasio's chances for reelection without hurting her own. Come to think of it, if Hillary plans to run for President again, she won't be able to run for Mayor of New York City, a major silver lining to New York residents such as myself.

If you take the tour of his summer house at Sagamore Hill, Long Island, they will tell you that a much younger (in his early 50s) political retiree, Theodore Roosevelt, used to go down to the local railroad station and give out dimes to children when he stopped running for President after his seven years in office because he had nothing else to do to draw crowds. There were no radio or television programs at that time, so T.R. spent other days writing his memoirs and even taking an exploration trip to the Amazon River. Hillary is not about to go exploring the Amazon, but this idea of a tv show is essentially her version of handing out dimes at the railroad station. As long as she can be physically held up and injected with stimulants and thus appear energetic in public, she just doesn't realize that she'd be better off retiring but a television show's weekly grind would quickly bring her to understand that reality. Or at least her doctors understanding it.

Perhaps a more fitting role for Hillary and her political associates now would if they produced yet another remake of the movie "Psycho," Anthony Weiner could play Norman Bates and Hillary could play his mother in the wheelchair. She wouldn't even have to risk walking and falling down. Her grating voice would also be perfect for the role. And Bill Clinton could play "California Charlie," the used car dealer/salesman in the movie. I believe Huma Abedin would decline the Janet Leigh role.

Or will the Justice Department prepare Hillary for her final "Sunset Boulevard" closeup with Mr. DeMille? Like Norma Desmond, Hillary promises to never desert us

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