July 19, 2019

Hawley takes aim at Big Academia

Timothy Birdnow

Missouri's freshman Senator Josh Hawley has been a pleasant surprise to me. I was quite unhappy with Hawley when he left Missouri Governor Eric Greitens to twist in the wind (Greitens was falselely accused of violating state privacy laws and of blackmail for supposedly taking nude photographs of his mistress, photographs that never materialized. Hawley stayed out of the fight, even assisted in some ways, despite the fact the Prosecutor was a partisan hack intent on bringing Greitens down - and she was a Soros funded candidate.) Since coming into office Hawley has been more a lion than a lamb - I had feared he was a RINO waiting to happen. But he's been fighting the good fight. Take this as a prime example.

Yes, Hawley is taking aim at the monopoly over higher education.From the article:

A Republican senator says that American universities have a "monopoly” on higher education, and he has some legislation aimed at breaking it up and putting more federal support behind vocational and skills training.

Tuesday morning, Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., announced a pair of bills to expand federal aid available for vocational training and to hold universities accountable when students can’t pay back their loans, calling the ideas a "bold reform of higher education.”

The first bill would "amend the Federal Pell Grant Program to support career training opportunities for young Americans,” according to its description. It would do this by telling the Department of Education to develop "an alternative certification program” in order to allow Pell grants to go toward toward things like apprenticeships and certification programs.

How would this work? As an example, background materials from Hawley’s office say a company that partnered with a local technical college to create an employee training program would be able to grow it using Pell grant dollars, which are not available now.

The second bill would impose on institutions shared responsibilities with students for their college loans. It would require colleges and universities to pay half the balance of the student loans accrued at their school if students default on them.

These are both good ideas. They address a major concern, and may help sever some of the loyalty of the Millenials to their overlords, er, the Democrats. Second, it addreses a major shortage in the trades. Third, it helps to defund the University system, which is hopelessly bloated and continues to raise tuition despite declining quality of education.

The Universities are the citadel of Satan these days. It is there that all the terrible, radical neo-Marxist ideas are spawned, and it is there that young people are brainwashed into becoming radical leftists. We need less college, not more. College no longer teaches thinking skills, but rather promotes "social justice" radicalism and the brain-dead belief system of activism. And while the media and Big Tech are serious problems for our national survival, it is Academia that is the brain of the entire evil enterprise that is Leftism. Cut off the head and you can kill the Hydra. THIS is the most dangerous and important branch of the modern Progressive movement.

Hawley is taking some steps to weaken it. It's well past time.

Hawley has been writing a lot thiese days about civilizational foundations, and he clearly understands the flow of civilization, and the importance of maintaining a healthy moral and intellectual fibrer. I just hope he doesn't RINO out in time, as so many of our good young prospects have done. Take John Boehner as an example, or Paul Ryan..

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