March 24, 2023

Grey's Calumny

Timothy Birdnow

My wife has been a faithful viewer of the t.v. show Grey's Anatomy. She was looking forward to last night's episode with much fervor.

About half way through it she came down stairs and got a beer, a sullen look on her face; she was angry.

Now I've never watched the show, but I gather it usually isn't overtly political. But apparently last night's episode was about an abortion clinic and how the evil right wing anti-abortion terrorists performed unspeakable acts of terror against the poor women and noble doctors who treated them.

Apparently, among other calumny, they claimed protesters threw acid on people, stoned them like in the Bible, and at one point someone drove his car into a doctor walking into the clinic.

It's a damnable lie. Abortion protesters are generally quite peaceful. I know; I've been one before.

Most pro-life people are exactly that. They would not endanger or threaten anyone's life because it is anathema to their belief.

Yes, there have been one or two incidents, as will be the case with anything. But there has been far more violence on the pro-abortion side. They were threatening Supreme Court Justices just a few months ago, for example.

Just ask Jane Roe. SHE now bitterly regrets her decision to get an abortion. She found those who used her to get the Supreme Court decision just abandoned her when she no longer served a useful purpose. Not the pro-life people. They did not judge her, or abuse her. No, they loved her and cared for her. She is now one of them.

But to hear Shonda Rhimes and the other feminist radicals producing Greys it is the pro-life contingent that is violent and evil and full of hate. They are terrorists. Why? Because they picket at abortion clinics and pray. The MONSTERS!

This is vintage leftism. They always project. They accuse others of that which they are guilty. They lie as easily as they breathe.

Here is an article at the Catholic EWTN which looks at the statistics and shows there is no problem with pro-life terrorism.
Apparently Rhimes has forgotten about the arson and attacks against the counseling offices. Janes Revenge, for instance, attacked the offices of Wisconsin Family Action, a pro-life group, firebombing it. This happened all over the country and the FBI did nothing. Pregnancy  Crisis Centers were hit regularly by these terrorists. Yet not a peep from Rhimes about any of that.

Where was she when they were firebombing Crisis Pregnancy Centers in Florida?, in St. Paul, etc.?

(In St. Paul they spraypainted on the wall "If abortion isn't safe neither are you". But it's the pro-life people who are the ones we should worry about?)

And what exactly are we discussing anyway?  Pro-life means precisely that. These are people who believe abortion is an act of violence, a murder. They seek to save lives. What is the pro-abortion  position advocate? They are about "protecting women from unwanted pregnancy" meaning they are concerned about the convenience of women who don't want to be mothers. There is a great moral divide between the two.

So why are the pro-abortion people so energized about it?

I have argued in the past abortion is a sacrament. It is a blood sacrifice similar to those committed by pagan peoples. It gives the power of life and death to the State too. As such it gives the illusion of equality with God. I wrote about this during the Terri Schiavo affair (a woman who was brain-dead and the Left wanted desperately to pull the plug on her.)

To so many on the Left empowering themselves to determine who lives or dies is empowering them to take charge of their own destiny. It is how you become a god.

So people like Shonda Rhimes want to empower women to have the power of life and death. That power was traditionally considered the purview of God Himself. But then, feminism is very much a false religion.

As is all Progressivism/Leftism.

So the pro-life people believe in protecting life, in choosing the more narrow corridore. Once you kill someone you cannot unkill them. But the pro-aborts want to be able to whack anyone they please. Many of them - including most of the Democratic Party these days - want to be able to kill a baby until it is almost entirely born.

So why stop there? Why not kill them after they are born?  There is no limit at that point.

Yet strangely these people are often the same ones who fight against the Death Penalty for people who have committed heinous crimes and deserve to forfeit the lives.

Well, some pro-lifers oppose the death penalty too, but you need not. I don't. The essence of civiolization is the power of the sword. Laws are enforced that way. Many would not obey the law if they did not fear retribution from the authorities. Break the law and you are going to jail? Yeah; they'll just show up at the prison when they are told to report! No, they report because they are compelled to do so. Don't show and you will be arrested at the point of a gun. Resist arrest and you may wind up six feet under.

Everyone knows the ropes. There is a common bit of idiocy these days about black parents having to have "the talk" with their kids about not resisting the police. That is nonsense. These kids know full well the power the police wield. That is why many of them resist in the first place; they want to show their bravery in a feminized, overly regulated society. They resist the police because there are no tigers or bears to fight and no wars to wge. Even our wars are now mechanized and heavily regulated. There just is no way to prove bravery for the young.

So these kids mess with the cops, playing chicken with them.  They know full well the police can take their life. it's why they  do it.

But the point is the power of the sword is held by the authorities "to punish evildoers" as the Bible says. And that power must be exercised on occasion lest others follow the bad example of those unwilling to obey the law.

And frankly if you murder somone in a very bad fashion or do some other heinour act you forfeit your right to live.

Not so the unborn, who did not ask to be made by irresponsible parents and who have hurt nobody. Abortion is overwhelmingly an act of conveneience for the mother. Very few abortions are carried out for purposees other than convenience. Even the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute admits that.

So Grey's Anatomy is promulgating any number of lies. But the viewing public will believe them because they are given only one side of the debate.

Just like the J6 event is called an insurrection while the riots through the entire Trump presidency are called "protests" we see the monumental hypocrisy of the Left.

And of course we've had the lie given out by the radicals at the Southern Poverty Law Center of "right wing terroriism" and the Department of Homeland Security report warning of said "right wing terrorists" while completely ignoring the fact that there has been little in the way of such terrorism but plenty of such activity on the Left.

It's a concerted smear campaign. And the ultimate goal is to suppress conservative dissent of any form.

At any rate if I watched Grey's Anatomy I would stop. I recommend that everyone else do likewise. We MUST start punishing people like Shonda Rhimes by refusing to patronize her product.

If indeed there is a God she will have to answer to Him some day. She is a liar and is smearing the innocent in her lust for the godhead.

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1 About half way through it she came down stairs and got a beer, a sullen look on her face; she was angry.

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